Solely In Black and White: Purim and the Dangers of Drinking

Friday, February 26, 2010

Purim and the Dangers of Drinking

As I am sure you're all well aware, Purim is almost here. If not, what exactly are you doing reading this? Anyway, no matter how you slice it Purim is just awesome! Oh, and I am so excited.

When I first started dating I wondered if the whole “being in shidduchim” thing would influence my Purim festivities. You know the things like being on your best behavior at all times, making a good impression on strangers, and only going out in public when you are presentable. Who knows, maybe you can wear the wrong costume and be blacklisted by a shadchan (specific examples come to mind, but I’ll wait and see what fun ones I see this year, please feel free to do the same in your comments).

But Purim is fun. It’s the one day a year you can be clown, literally. Not only that, it’s the one day a year that you can get drunk in the name of all that is good. How cool is that? It almost like getting paid to be an ice cream taste tester, only here you can choose the hours. Just for the record I am not advocating complete drunkenness, underage drinking, or any other activity which can either be classified as hazardous, illegal, or against the wishes of the LOR (local orthodox rabbis). Nonetheless, if your find yourself single this Purim, enjoy it to its fullest. From what I hear from my married compadres, Purim just isn’t the same. ;)

So as per the dangers of drinking and dating I shall give you a fair warning. If you do get drunk, avoid the shadchunim. Okay, that sounds funny, but this is a real life lesson. I don’t remember, but I have been told that during my Purim expeditions last year I may have met a one. Not only don’t I remember this, but I can't recall the conversation that I supposedly had either. I think everything worked out fine though, because: 1) I have been told that I am pleasant and polite even when drunk 2) it’s not like a shadchan couldn’t dig up your secrets anyway 3) being honest with a shadchan can sometimes go a long way 4) I guess the experience couldn’t have been too bad, she called after Purim to redt some names. In retrospect the story is funny, albeit slightly disconcerting, but funny.

So if you plan on getting inebriated this holiday season, choose your routes carefully, use a designated driver/walker/shomer, and have loads of fun.

Wishing you all an Amazing, Awesome, and Freilichin Purim.

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  1. hmmm its alot more fun for guys than girls!!! girls dont generally get drunk and therefore cannot "clown around." Also girls cant be around when the guys get drunk (sounds weird but actually is fun) cuz thats not "tznius" so yea boys enjoy!
    its actually an interesting topic on a date discussing "purim and drunkedness"


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