Solely In Black and White: Bits and Pieces of my Purim

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bits and Pieces of my Purim

Sorry if this post is slightly incoherent, still in the recovery stage.

Purim was awesome. It was all I wanted it to be and more both in ruchnies and gashmies. My costume and shalach manos accomplished their desired effects and were warmly accepted. I don’t think I hit that state of inebriation where I would do or say something absolutely crazy, although I am still holding out for that one email or phone call to inform me otherwise. I know I texted and emailed a few people, but according to my sent folders, nothing too crazy. Good thing I didn’t post anything. ;-) Sorry, no shadchunim stories this year. I learned my lesson from the last time. As far as costumes go I did see a few cute ones but nothing really amazing or even noteworthy.

Now I just need to retrieve, destroy, and bury all the photos that were taken of me. Then all shall be well. :-p Oh, and get rid of this pesky little headache. :-(


  1. I too have seen a dearth of good Purim costumes. I wonder why this is...

  2. What was the best one you saw this year?

  3. Yeah,vYU didn't have such great costumes this year. I liked mine, but I'm not about to give myself away...

  4. Ah, so you're the one with awesome costume, I knew it!

    Same here, I also liked my costume. :-) Although, we could just give away other people’s costumes. Now what would be the harm in that…

    The award for most realistic costume goes to the gaggle of Sephardic girls wearing hijabs, that one required a second look.

    Second place goes to the “Tuna Beigel” although I am not sure if that was a costume.

    The award for best couple’s costume and theme goes to the Priest and Pregnant Nun. Now that is V’nahapach Hu. I may have a bias; you know that whole beatification thing… lol.

    Is it just me, or is the whole Joker getup so not cool anymore?

  5. Re the Joker thing: The Office predicted it would get overplayed.

  6. Don't you find the pregnant nun costume rather disrespectful, though? It always makes me cringe whenver I see it. I mean, what would your reaction be if you found out that some kid had dressed up as an adulterous Rabbi for Halloween?

  7. True, but no matter how you slice it, it’s still kinda funny. Hmm, if I saw an “adulterous Rabbi on Halloween” my first response would probably be side splitting laughter and then I would shake my head and grimace.


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