Solely In Black and White: Good Times and Bad Times

Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Times and Bad Times

Sometime I feel like I am in stuck in spiral of bad luck. Everything just goes wrong. It’s like going through life and getting every single red light for two miles straight and when you finally decide to move to a parallel street you get stuck in construction. That’s happened in real life by the way, really frustrating, to say the least. But it’s also those moments where you realize that it’s just your luck. The milk that was fresh three seconds ago curdles in your coffee cup but for the next guy its fine. Now I am not complaining about these meaningless and trying little irritations, I wholeheartedly accept them since they are part of life, but I hate it when they bunch up together and create that losing streak feeling. Don’t even get me started on how dating plays a role in this!

But there is a flip side. Good Times. Yes, good times are awesome, especially when they come together in clumps. It’s the feeling when someone asks you “how was your day?” you tell them “My day? Dude, I am having a great week!” Or the feeling when you wake-up and say “I can accomplish anything I put my mind to (like write a new post) and nothing will get in my way (sans fictitious holidays).” It’s that feeling when you wake up a second before your alarm clock and proclaim “I win!” Okay fine, the last one never happened, but one can dream.

So you’re probably wondering, why exactly am I writing this? So I must tell you: I believe this week is going to be a good week. Why? I don’t really know, but I said so, and that’s good enough for me. I have this weird premonition that things are just going to work out and I’m not even sure what that is referring to yet! Now I must go, I really ought to buy a lottery ticket.


  1. Wait a sec, that was two weeks ago! I don’t remember exactly, I think overall it was a good week but there were some unforeseen occurrences that transpired that weren’t so wonderful. Strangely, every time I tried to buy a lotto ticket I was unable to, so maybe I really was lucky. “Things did work out” more or less for better or worse. I hope that answer was vague enough while still maintaining a slightly informative aspect. As for last week and today…

  2. Okay, sounds good. Sorry if the question was too personal! So what do you want to say about last week and today? Good or bad? Sorry if it's the latter :-( Pesach time is really, really tough...

  3. Don’t worry; just understand that I can’t give you a personal response on blog that is accessible to anyone. Last week was good too, but for different reasons, and today was crazy interesting, but alas, that is all I can tell you here. Re: “Sorry if it's the latter :-( Pesach time is really, really tough...” That seems to be the common female sentiment this time of year. My mother says the same thing!


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