Solely In Black and White: National Procrastination Week

Thursday, March 4, 2010

National Procrastination Week

I am so lazy today. So in honor of National Procrastination Week I’ll make a new post… tomorrow. I love these convenient made-up holidays and weeks. I am looking forward to next week, it's National Words Matter Week and National Sleep Awareness Week. Followed by Act Happy Week and International Brain Awareness Week. Who comes up with this stuff?


  1. Made-up holidays are only worthwhile if they include vacation!

  2. Canada has a completey made-up holiday that exists, with only a very small pretense of any real purpose purpose, solely to give people a day off.

  3. Well, if that's so, I'm going to hold off on all of my homework in honor of this very special week.

  4. @Sefardi Gal: All holidays are good, vacation ones are awesome.

    @FrumJewinYU: I thought in America we call those Bank Holidays? Maybe we should make a request to add Family Day to the list.

    @Wideyegirl: Good choice. I wish I could join you in the festivities, but I can’t keep on “procrastinating” my real life obligations at the moment. Oh, that reminds me… I knew I forgot to do something.

    As for blogging, let the party continue!


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