Solely In Black and White: You Would Eat in that Restaurant?!?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You Would Eat in that Restaurant?!?

Starting this July, New York eateries might be forced to publically display their cleanliness grades. It’s a cute idea; it might even get some restaurants to raise their cleanliness standards. According to the article a similar program in Los Angeles County led to a “13 percent decline in food-borne illness hospitalizations;” not too shabby. Although forcing a restaurant to publicly display their grades is a step in right direction, it’s just a stop-gap solution. Furthermore, I assume that certain “recipes” can be “greased” or “shmeered” at least that’s what they say. Besides, health inspections aren’t mashgiach temidis, they only come so often.

Ah, this should at least make for some fun conversation. Think of it as the new hechser debate. Would you eat in a restaurant with a “C” rating but had the best of hechsharim? Anyway, does that mean that when we, the guys, are selecting a restaurant as potential dating venue we need to pick one that not only has good food, ambiance, and location, but now it needs a good health inspection grade too? Someone better inform Mikomos!

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