Solely In Black and White: Happy April Fools’ Day

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fools’ Day

As I am sure you're all well aware, here at the SiBaW blog we take all holidays very seriously, including April Fools’ Day. So in honor of this momentums festival, April Fools’ Day 2010, I have decided to slightly modify the template of the blog, at least that’s all for now… :)

Anyway, just in case you need some holiday spirit, (although I sure hope Pesach is providing you with some of that) check out these links:


  1. Yup, I am very observant with regards to all holidays. Dunno, it might have something to do with Dina DiMalchusa Dina though…

    Hmm. On that note, I forgot to mention “National Day of Unplugging” .
    I think SIS would have gotten a kick out of it but it was on shabbos anyway, thus we unplug every week = not so special.

  2. Unplugging? Oh goodness. I read somewhere that it's also "sister week" or whatevers.

  3. Wow! I love that! Thanks for pointing that out. Did you watch the videos? Everyone should see that! That was awesome. Thank you! I think we all could use some more unplugging, more than the once a week. It's not even about how much time you spend with technology, but how much you feel its pull.

  4. @Sefardi Gal: I never knew there was a “sister week.” A whole week!?! What happened to days? Technically, I wouldn’t celebrate that holiday anyway since my sister doesn’t read my blog. :p

    @SIS: My pleasure, I figured you’d appreciate it. I did watch the videos, they were cute. Once a week? These people have digital-free shabbos only once a year. :| You might get a kick out of this article.


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