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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quote of the Week: Stupid

Here is an interesting quote I heard from an undisclosed source this week, so don’t quote me on this one. Take it or leave it: 

“Don’t marry a stupid one. Nowadays, medical breakthroughs can fix or replace nearly everything, but there is no cure for stupidity.”

If you do, at least you can legitimately buy the official t-shirt, “I’m with stupid.” But let us not forget that the definition (or acronym) of stupid is debatable:

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Funny Quote Graphics

So who is the STUPID one now? :)


  1. Some people davka look for stupid because they can mold them and control them to do whatever they'd like them to.
    (Wow that sounds vague)

    But yes, I agree. Don't marry someone stupid unless they're s.t.u.p.i.d. :D

  2. FYI, I really don't like how the smiley icons are coming out.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. That wasn’t vague at all. Sorta like marrying a robot I guess, just in the form of a person.

    I’m working on a new script for the icons. Check back soon.

  4. Hm. I thought I posted a response yesterday. Maybe I didn't verify it. Oh well.

    The yahoo smilies aren't bad...
    personally, my favorite = the classic AOL ones.

    (on second thought...perhaps I responded on a different post.)

  5. Yeah, I saw your comment on the other post. I am still playing with it. I didn’t like some of the Yahoo ones such as their ;) and :p . SIS also commented that it might be a bit suggestive. For now I’m going to leave it as Gmail + some Yahoo. I still playing with the WordPress style smileys, so don’t be surprised if that becomes the next version to go up. I don’t really like the way the classic AOL smileys look, so that is a definitive no(sorry). Hmm… Maybe I should conduct a poll…

  6. About the woman scared about the effect of the jackhammers upon her unborn child--her fears aren't so misgrounded. If listening to Mozart might affect the fetus, why shouldn't jackhammers?

  7. @Tired:
    To best of my limited knowledge on the subject there is no scientific research proving that classical music affects a fetus. Don’t you find it strange that a mother who is so concerned about the health and development of her child would be smoking?

    P.S. I like your new screen name. ;)

  8. "To best of my limited knowledge on the subject there is no scientific research proving that classical music affects a fetus." Read this, third paragraph from the bottom:

    "Don’t you find it strange that a mother who is so concerned about the health and development of her child would be smoking?" Good point. I didn't notice *blush*. I was, like my username said, tired.

  9. While that article does show a positive affect provided by classical music, the study was conducted on premature infants not fetuses. The Mozart Effect was a set of research that indicated classical music provides a brief spatial-temporal reasoning improvements, or in other words, better short term memory. People misinterpreted this study to say that those fetuses that were exposed to Mozart’s work would develop higher IQs. Even if we were to accede that the Mozart Effect would be applicable to infants, the effects would at best be only temporary. To say that a jackhammer could cause damage to an unborn child based on the Mozart Effect, at least from my understanding of it, is a rather large and unproven assumption.

    Join the club. Yeah… I was about to say “oh, you must be stupid :p ,” but then I realized (assuming my theory is correct) you’re not, so I didn’t write it. Don’t worry, I know that the cigarette is hard to see and that’s why you may have missed it.

  10. Right. Sorry. Still tired. Went to bed late, woke up early, same thing today. I think that I'll stop now.

  11. Tired, I am just teasing. I know you meant to say that the woman in the picture must have been listening to classical music to sooth her fetus, because she is a good mother and she must be trying to provide the best possible environment for her unborn child, but unfortunately she was agitated by the jackhammer. Her irritation was so intense that it caused her to resort to smoking to alleviate her stress and therefore the sound of a jackhammer would be bad for fetus! :)

    No worries and don’t feel compelled to stop; all comments are greatly appreciated, especially the tired ones. ;)

  12. Just to shoot myself in my foot again: The woman does have a point. Alright, she is relying upon false information, but it's pretty common false information that practically every parent believes in (unless, of course, they're been enlightened). She probably is stupid, and is quite hypocritical, but you can't call her stupid because of her concern about the jackhammers as pretty much the entire world (excepting scientists, you, and now myself) are under the impression that Mozart increases a fetus's intelligence level. You can call her on the smoking instead.

    And that's it. *zips mouth shut*

  13. Ah, good point (or good shot, if we follow your gun analogy). I just found this and this, so I guess you’re right. Does that mean you’re not tired anyone? ;)


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