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Monday, April 26, 2010

Shidduchim 2.0: The Top Ten List

Isn't it remarkable that with all the technological advances we have at our disposable, the shidduch system is more or less functioning in the same way that it has been for the past 20 some-odd years? Maybe the adoption of email or the proliferation of BlackBerrys has improved our ability to interact, collaborate, and keep the channels of communications between the shaddchuim and their “potential clients” readily accessible, but in essences, not much has changed. The one development that I am having heard of, for better of worse, is the eradication of the pre-first-date phone call.   

In comparison to cultural trends, it’s a bit surprising that the internet hasn’t fostered greater shudduichim innovations. I do have to say that while Mikomos is really great, I still have friends who are better. Yes, of course we all know of ShidduchVision and the myriad of Jewish dating websites, but neither of those concepts have really been adopted by the mainstream shidduch-dater, at least not yet.
For a moment let us imagine if some of the more popular and practical Web 2.0 applications were modified for shidduchim purpose; oh how much fun it would be.  Some of the technical and halachic issues would need to be worked out, but who knows... maybe one day some of these ideas might actually take root.
The Top Ten Shidduch 2.0 Ideas (in no particular order):

1.ShidduchIn: The shidduch version of LinkedIn. The service could potentially allow you to post your resume, get recommendations, and form connections with others based on the same system currently used by Linkedin.   

2.ShidduchBook: The shidduch version of facebook: Potential Features: Connect with friends and shadchunim in a "kosher" environment. Allow potential dates to view your friends as well as inquire about you. Advanced privacy options could be used to limit the amount of personal info you share with a potential date or a particular shadchan.

3.RateMyShadchan: The shiddhuch version of Rate My Professor. Like the name implies, it’s a website that enables you to provide feedback on your experience with a shadchan. An interesting idea, although some form of content moderation would probably be necessary. 

4.Seminary List: The girl’s version of Why is it that only (some of) the boys are listed on an internet database? Aside from adding more Yeshivas and institutions to the list, I think the creation of a girls database would be twice as useful!

5.Yankel’sList: A shidduchim spoof of Craigslist, this one idea would most certainly require strict guidelines and heavy moderation. 

6.Datr or ShidduchBucket: A place to store all your shidduich resume photos, assuming you choose to participate in this practice. (a knockoff of Flickr and PhotoBucket)

7.JBay: Ebay, but just for shidduch dating. I know, the idea of an auction in the context of dating might be unsettling, but it's definitely not unheard of.

8.ShidduchTube: For the day when video resumes become popular. You might want to give this idea a few years to develop. 

9.MSDIA- My Shidduch Date is Average: a spoof on the popular website MLIA-My Life is Average. A wonderful place to anonymously share your funny, bizarre, and just plain-old random shidduchim related stories.

10.ShidduchRoulette: the kosher version of chat roulette (is that even possible?). Okay, maybe not….             


  1. Re Number 9 - Check out

  2. This list is priceless!
    Here are some more suggestions:
    A take off on DailyBooth, shadchanim can post photos of the "catch of the day". Contact the shadchan if you're interested, or want to be featured on their page.
    A database of current shidduch terminology, for those of us who can't keep up with the lingo.

  3. SiBW, amazing post! So creative...

    What's "mikomos"? (places, obviously, but what's that referring to?)

    NYC girl - LOL @ dailyshidduch

  4. @pst:
    Cool. Thanks for the link.

    @NYC Girl:
    Thanks. Nice additions. Btw, “catch of the day” really is a great term in that context. For the ShidduchWiki check out SIS’s site: Maybe one day it will become that.

    @Sefadi Gal:
    Thanks. . It's a really awesome wiki based site that lists all the common dating “mikomos.” Check it out.

  5. As a side note, with all the profiles/resumes being emailed around it's pretty much the same as saw you at sinai.

  6. SiBW, I had high hopes for that site; unfortunately I never got it off the ground. I think the idea has merit though, and I would love if people would contribute.

  7. @CG:
    I have no clue, I never used SYAS. I think it would be useful to have system where the resumes are not sent around via email, such as facebook, so that you know exactly who has access to your info. I guess the idea is these tools could be used in conjunction with the current system; so theoretically yes, your right, these ideas could work with SYAS too.

    I agree, I think it would make for a great project.

  8. Come to think of it, there's actually more privacy on SYAS than the emails going around.

    Also, Facebook and privacy in the same sentence?

  9. All very smart ideas. Clearly G-d invented the internet so we could fix the shidduch crisis so let's utilize it to the fullest. Do you know what we should also invent? SDN (Shidduch Dating Netork). Just like HSN has shopping 24 hours a day, we be displaying profiles, hearing from shadchanim and watching just how many chances we have left to go out with so-and-so before s/her is no longer in stock. Hey, if we can live in an age with Shidduchvision and Shidduch-in-a-Box, we can additional innovative shidduch venues.

  10. SiBW - just checked out the site. Looks like fun!! Especially the color-me-mine place. Oooh how I heart coloring stuff!

  11. @CG:
    Interesting, I’ll have to look into how SYAS works. Facebook has (some) privacy settings; they are just completely unintuitive and disabled by default.

    Yup, just for the shidduch crisis, okay and maybe blogging too. ;) That is a very cute and awesome idea. I wonder what the promotions would be like…. Buy one get one free? Last year’s model now only half off? Wow, the possibilities are endless! Thanks.

    @Sefardi Gal:
    Don’t tell me, tell your date! :p Really, I think it’s a website that every dating boy should know.


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