Solely In Black and White: SibW’s Point Usages: Casino Edition: Wanna Bet?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SibW’s Point Usages: Casino Edition: Wanna Bet?

So it seems that some people are disappointed that they have accumulated copious amounts of points and have nothing do with them. I wish there was a way for all of you to get ice cream, but with the amount of points you guys got, I would need to own Häagen-Daz or something. Can I interest anyone in digital ice cream maybe?

Fear not though, I think I have created a system wherein your can spend you points with relative ease. (However, how you acquire them is still completely at your discretion.) The system shall be called the SiBW Casino.

The idea came to me one day as such: Dating really is a crapshoot. Arguably, compatibility, romance, and attraction cannot be accurately predicted (yet) based on “paper” inputs. Add in the other external factors that come into play in the shidduch dating system, coupled with all those official and unofficial rules, and you have yourself a really interesting opportunity, at least from a gambling perspective.

 To test this theory out, I held a test bet (a gentlemen’s bet of course) with a counterparty to determine if this would work. We each guessed how long my stint with a specific girl would last and added a theoretical dollar amount to our predictions. Suffice to say, I won (and no, in case you were wondering I didn’t cheat).   And thus began my career as a shidduch gambler ;) … Yeah right… :D

In theory, gambling might be considered bad for shidduchim and thus (according to some) earn you points, but for the sake of our sanity (and to prevent a circular reference) we shall give shidduch gambling a temporary free pass. 

A few ground rules:

  • You cannot bet on any wager which is directly controlled by your actions.
  • You cannot bet on anything which you have knowledge of due to external factors.
  • You cannot use insider trading.
  • You cannot cheat in any way.
  • You must follow all the rules. ;)
  • You can only bet an amount of points you have. No borrowing or lending. Gabling is addictive enough!
  • Large bets (over 2,500) must be proved by photo evidence. ;) :p
  • Mean or disrespectful wagers will result in you getting banned from the casino and possibly a visit from a bouncer/security goon.
  • As of now, bets can only be made in SiBW points or Bad4 points.
  • The minimum bet per wager is 100 units, maximum bet is 20,000 units.
  • In the event you do get addicted to shidduch gambling, seek professional help immediately.

Here are the items you can currently put money on: (all items listed have a payout of 1:1, meaning if you bet 1 point you get 2, 1 for your original bet and 1 for winning the bet).  Suggestions for additions to the list are welcome and will be added based on probability, profitability, and absurdity.

1.   Will Bad4’s next date take her to the Brooklyn Marry-It?
2.  Will SIS’s next date be a one and done?
3.  Will Bored Jewish Guy say “I had a good time” after his next first date?
4.  Will CoralCap’s next date have a beautiful voice?
5.  Will NYC Girl wear the blue dress on date?  
6.  Does Auror’s Psychic really know who she will marry?
7.  Will Harry-er be humming after his next first date?
8.  Will Feivel wear these loafers on his next date? 
9.  Will Sefardi Gal pull a “schoolgirl” and ask her next date not to shave?
10. Will Shidduch Scene’s next date come to her?
11. Will Jughead's Hat see a picture of his next date?
12. Will Material Maidel actually look like her profile on a date?
13. Will Shades of Grey write a story about his next date?
14. Will Frum N’ Flipping’s next date be from the internet?
15. Will SternGrad’s next date have a big white kippah?
16. Will Erachet treat her next date as if she is not on a Shidduch date? ( Addition Courtesy of Jughead's Hat)

Now for The Million Dollar (I mean points) Question that I am sure is on everyone’s mind: Which blogger will be the next one to get engaged? (If you immediately said that it won’t be you, you’re jaded!)

Now don’t be shy, place those bids!

I would like to thank the bloggers who helped with this post. You know who you are! ;)  

*(Void where prohibited. Must be of legal age to play. All bets are subject to the rules and regulations included herein as well as those not stated or explicitly implied. Rules are subject to change at any time without prior notice, including but not limited to, "right now" and "later." Payments on winning will only be distributed after you “the player” are married. Insert full fine print here!)* 

Click here to place your bets anonymously


  1. The ice cream thing would never have worked anyways. There are hordes of girls packing the Brooklyn ice cream stores at night, but very few guys. It's just not really a guy thing.

    Better would be a gathering over beer (or scotch?). We can all chip in equally to the total amount. The more B4S points you have, the more you drink. Since each of us believe we are the most B4S, the incentives are pretty good...

  2. Hmmm. This sounds like an interesting bet. I'm curious to see how it will turn out!

  3. I'm up for ishchayil's suggestion. besides going out with a bunch of guys for a beer or 4 is definitely bad for shidduchim.

    how do we know if we won the bet?

  4. I guess I better finally calculate my points. I was without internet all week as I just moved.

  5. Oooooh I'm so thrilled to be mentioned on someone else's blog! I feel so special! I don't know how this point system works, but I'd better get myself some so I can place my bets.

  6. @ishchayill:
    That sounds expensive and dangerous. I don’t know if I can drink enough to make up for all the points I have. I’m sure if you arrange it you’ll be able to find plenty of people who would love to come. I think you might actually get a bigger crowed than Bad4’s meet-ups!

    As am I. I can’t wait to see what happens, although now I need to get all those bloggers to post the correct answers.

    Hey! You and ishchayil should start the male chapter! I like that idea. ;)
    I was going to be lazy and say grade yourselves “on your honor,” but now I figured out that when surveymonkey says “anonymous” it really means your answers are just tracked to your IP address, but not publically displayed. So if you comment, I can match it up, if not then I can’t.

    Don’t you know? You’re already a famous blogger! :) See Bad4’s list here
    for the female point version.

    Yup. We’re waiting for your bet. Best of luck!

    I plan on posting the results in chart form eventually just for the fun of it. The right answers should be based the answers provided by the bloggers in question. I guess everyone can feel free to boast about their winnings and fortuity. Just know that I will know who wagered on what bet. Attempted cheater will be caught red-handed in the comments.

  7. I bet Jughead's Hat will see a picture of the girl he takes out the next time he is on a date!

  8. Firstly, I am honored to be mentioned in another blogger's post.

    Secondly, I seem to have gotten a bet. In that case, I feel I must reciprocate. On that note, my prediction is: Erachet will treat her next date as if she is not on a Shidduch date.

  9. Harrier: let me know if you can get together a few people.

    SiBW: I actually meant a much more subdued kinda thing than a frat-party. There would be a low maximum.

  10. Thanks so much for that wonderful curse you placed on me.

    :-) Great post. You are quite the creative one.

  11. @Erachet:
    Your bet has been noted.

    @Jughead’s Hat:
    Thanks for the addition. It has been added to the list. I can’t add it to the surveymonkey one, since people already placed their bets. Who knows, maybe they’ll be a round two?

    @ ishchayill
    That sounds much better.

    A curse!?! Whoops, if so, I am sorry. I thought that bet was kind of unfair since you said in the comments that you have a one and done about 33% of the time, while the odds of this bet are 50/50. I guess we shall see.

    Thanks. :D

  12. In that case, I bet against a OnD on SIS. Now, how do you propose to collect the info on where I went on a date? Do you have 24/7 spies at the Marriott?

  13. @Bad4:
    Ha! I’ll take that bet. Gambling isn’t strictly about the “odds” it’s about getting lucky, and I’m feeling lucky. ;) Being that you’re mostly likely the math whiz here, what’s the probabilistic payout distribution on said bet based on the inputs? :-/

    I was hoping you’d just tell us and make it simple, so no, not yet at least. Should I? :p

  14. Okay, I'm betting also on Erachet's not acting shidduchy on her next date.

    I don't know - I only did half of the probability class sequence. The professor spent most of the time calling us idiots, so I didn't see any point in doing the second quarter.

    Okay, I'll tell you. But only if there are bets. Let me know by Monday evening. ;-)

  15. Okay. Noted. Are you sure you have enough points to gamble with? I don’t need to ask for proof, do I? :D

    Any actuaries, bean counters, or math whizzes out there wanna give this a shot?

    Good. I was starting to worry that I would need to bribe one of the bartenders. There are already a few bets outstanding on you!

  16. Agav, I should have mentioned that you may need to wait a bit to find out if I wear those loafers on my next date... I'm not dating yet lol.

  17. Wow this is hysterical. I almost missed it. Haven't calculated my points yet to figure out how much I have to gamble, but I definitely want to know which one of us gets engaged first! Haha :)

    Btw, I had to shut down my blog because of a privacy scare... ugh.

  18. Update: Last week I went on a date and I saw a picture of her beforehand.

  19. @Feivel ben Mishael:
    What are you waiting for?!? Dating is awesome 8-| . Okay, let us know what happens when you do go out.

    Don’t worry you can bet first and pay after; you can use all your commenting points as collateral. HA! Don’t we all??? :D

    Sorry to hear about that, it will be missed. :( I hope everything works out for the best!

    @Jughead’s Hat:
    Thanks for the update. Hopefully I’ll post the tally of bets this week.

  20. Well I figure like this. Its hard enough to wrap my head around Tur, Beis Yosef, Shulchan Aruch, Shach, and Taz. Probably best not to throw girls into the mix :-P

    In time, In time...
    But I will def. wear loafers.

  21. I've been thinking about if I should get involved in this or not, I don't do gambling halfhearted and I expect to be rewarded for my play. Free buffet is not going to cut it here.

    I'll put down the table max against a OnD on SIS and against NYC Girl wearing the blue dress.

    btw, do we get to see the results of the anonymous survey, that would be interesting.

  22. Can I bet on SiBW's next date being a OnD?

  23. @Bored Jewish Guy:
    What did you have in mind? We could up the ante, but then we’d need to find something real to bet on because most of those were jokes. ;)

    Okay. Noted. Wow, table max, hmm… it seems like you’re an experienced gambler. Do you have any real life gambling experience?

    Yup. I hope to post the results either later today or early tomorrow.

    Sure, it would only be fair, but you don’t know the odds, so wouldn’t that be a risky bet? :)

  24. I meant I want free cigars, transportation, luxury accommodations and stuff like that, you got to take care of the "whales". You're the creative one, so you'll have to figure it out.

    Back in the day, not anymore.

  25. That’s some pretty serious comp requests you got there. Nope, we don’t have a loyalty program cuz there are very few competitors at the moment, although you could ask Bad4 if she’d exchange your points for you. ;)

    Okay fine, we offer a “dream” package with magical cigars, unicorn transportation, and cloud accommodations, but it’s only for our ultra-high roller. Everyone else just gets to count sheep! Maybe after a few more rounds you might qualify. :)

    Alright, maybe if there if there is a next round we can think of something.

    Just out of curiosity, what was your former game of choice?

  26. Ok, but you better not give me a form W2-G on my winnings.

    Mostly Blackjack

  27. Deal! But I reserve the right to allow SIS, or any other commenter, to annoy you about your accumulations of other people’s bad for shidduchim points. :p

  28. i won't be annoyed, I'll be laughing all the way to the non-existant bank

  29. With the explosion of the shidduch blog category amongst Jewish blogs, it's time for a new subcategory in the shidduch system for all of these bloggers.

    On a side note, clearly the guys need to get together for some Thursday night cholent and beers.

  30. You mean like the cool kids? ;)

    You should get in touch with “ishchayill” and “harry-er,” they seem interested in forming a club.

  31. Hey - may as well enjoy the perks of the single life. The club would have NY and out-of-town sections, of course.

    Btw, your points system is clearly geared for people coming from a yeshivish background. Those of us from modern backgrounds...well, let's just say we've got unlimited resources :-P

    3:31 a.m. - was everyone up late last night? Do all of you shidduch bloggers stay up late every night?

  32. Glad to hear that. With a bankroll as such, I am expecting some large wagers in our casino, besides what else would you do with all those points? :)

  33. We could donate the points to the less fortunate among us...

    I think I'm disqualified from playing, though - I'm off the market right now.

  34. I was thinking about that… alms for the needy. That might make for a post in the near future. ;)

    Not at all, we accept any bets, as long as you have the theoretical points to play with. Being on the market is not a required condition. :)

  35. Eh, I'm sitting this one out - nothing interesting to wager on. Maybe next time...

  36. I’m surprised. I would have guessed you’d be interested on betting on the “Bored Jewish Guy” wager. Interesting. :-/

    I hear that. Btw, if you have any ideas or bets you’d like to see in round two, feel free to pass them along. :)

  37. Well, since I'm not dating at the moment, I'm just not that interested. Plus, what's the fun if you have unlimited resources?

    One thing I'm wondering about - has the shidduch "crisis" reached critical mass now that there are so many shidduch blogs?

  38. Be careful. Many famous wealth individuals have squandered their fortune through gambling by that logic.

    Not a clue, but I doubt it. I think that question might get a more elaborate response, maybe on a female blog, for example. ;)

  39. Talk to BJG about squandering a fortune (through gambling). I'm not such a risk-taker in comparison to him.

    By the way, I like the site design - especially the background and color theme. Nice job.

  40. I shall. Check his bets above for a sample. I think he likes the “table max” for some odd reason. Alright, I guess we shall see next round.

    Thanks :)

  41. Wow, my ears are burning. First of all, let me just say that I retired on top, the casino's would love to have me back so they could get their money back, but I no longer love the game so I couldn't keep playing if my heart wasn't in it and today I consider myself to be the luckiest man alive, sorry it's 4:20am, I'm a bit overtired. Also if you're going to play the game, table max is the way to go.

    As for the shiduch blog/crisis question, the answer is no, there's not even anything to talk about. People want to blog for lots of reasons, no matter how good the system could be there would always be people who are frustrated and need to vent or just talk.

  42. Sorry if that came out wrong. All I meant was that table max is usually not considered a conservative wager. I’m guessing your betting style in real life was not conservative either, which is neither good nor bad, just a fact. But for the record, you don’t plan on going back to the casino when you do make a billion dollars just for fun of throwing your money away, right?

  43. SiBW: You didn't say anything wrong, you're not the one implying that I would ever lose money in a casino. There's no such thing as a conservative gambler though. I have no intention of ever doing any serious gambling again, it's not good, even when you're winning.

  44. Update: I was not humming after my subsequent date.

  45. Thanks for the update! Sorry to hear about that though! :-|

  46. Update: As much as I wanted the underdogs to win, I could not bring myself to lie and say "I had a good time" and I didn't think saying "I had a mediocre time" would do anyone any good.

  47. How could I have missed this when you originally posted it? (I was perusing the comments on Bad4's much commented engagement collection post and saw it).

    I appreciate the reference, but I don't think mine will ever happen, since I don't write stories about dates I've been on... Posts maybe, but stories are always from the wacky recesses of my mind, sometimes inspired by things I've heard or read, but not by my outings with any particular young lady.

    Wonder why no one bet on who will get engaged next...

  48. Shades of Grey, people did vote! You can find the full results here :


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