Solely In Black and White: The Ultimate Paradox Thread

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Ultimate Paradox Thread

Upon various requests (HZ, Martial Maidel, Bookworm, and scala vestibuli) I made my own version of the Girl, Guy, and Shidduchim Paradoxes.  I guess if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! :D 

The Shidduchim Paradox by SiBW

 The Ultimate Guy Paradox by SiBW Because there is no such thing as the perfect guy!

The Ultimate Girl Paradox by SiBW
(Based on gilgatex's Girl Paradox)

Agree or Disagree? 


  1. Too true!

    You do need guts to get ahead, though...

  2. Maybe nice, smart, hot girls date jerks because nice guys like you say so on their blogs...

  3. I think there is approximately one who doesnt fit the chart and you would call her...your wife :)

  4. CoralCap:
    Interesting food for thought you got there. Are you saying that you believe that other people agree with the paradox merely by persuasion while in actuality it’s not true? :-/

    Thanks… I think :)

  5. SiBW, you use too many smiley faces! Being nice doesn't require lots of them, does it?

    Besides, this is supposed to be a black and white blog, no? Too much color would be bad for shidduchim, wouldn't it?

  6. Yup, everybody knows that that's how it is. I mean, I've seen many girls who are pretty and real smart and have every possible quality, but G-d knows they wouldn't go for the average Joe...

  7. I apologize for the language; sorry I didn’t know the origin of the phrase.

    scala vestibuli and tnspr569, as part of the “clean-up” I had to delete your comments. Click on the picture and it will take you to source, but I have no idea if one exists. In not, we could always make one.

  8. Do you have a chart for "The Guy Paradox"?


    Not half as funny though :P

  10. I think your charts have aptly depitcted the shidduch crisis.

    In my former statement, I wished to convey the paradox of the "Nice Guy." While the Nice Guy may think he is justly deserving of the "Perfect Girl," he goes ahead and critisizes her. My question is:

    Why would a Nice Guy want a "Perfect Girl" if she clearly has bad judgement when it comes to men? If the center is meant to be "perfect", yet she isn't smart enough to get herself a quality guy, then clearly she isn't smart. Book smart, possibly, but as I would say, she is relationship retarded.

    But yes, some girls may go after jerks because the nice guys assume they never would have a chance with her so all she has to choose from are the jerks. This is not always the case, but it can be true. Sometimes the jerks are really good acting like nice guys, so the girl will not find out until later.

  11. CoralCap, I think that is the crux of the paradox; the ostensible most perfect amongst us have their flaws and hang-ups just like the rest of us. The seemingly perfect guy will be imperfect because he is too picky and the seeming perfect girl will be as you called it a “relationship retard” because their perfection drives their thought process. When people create insanely high standards for themselves based on their perception of their own inflated alter egos they tend to gravitate towards what’s not actually good for them.


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