Solely In Black and White: The Final

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Final

For your final I have posted a resume that is a "modified" version of a real one, seriously. Based on what you have learned and your personal experiences with resumes please provide your honest feedback. Good Luck. ( for the record this exam was created by one of the teacher's assistant ;-) )

Harry Klutz
0 Briar Place
Woodmere, NY 11598
(917) 330-0523

Age: 25
Height: 5' 11"
Born and Raised: Lawrence, NY
Shul: Y.I. of Lawrence-Cedarhurst (Rabbi Kagan)
Occupation: Fellow, Super Financial Giant Co. Leadership Training Initiative


Donald and Barbra Klutz

  • Donald – Chief Financial Analyst, Biggest Bank Co.
  • Barbra – English Teacher, Bnos Rochel of Boro Park


  • Chava - oldest, married to Shmuel Klumsy (of Far Rockaway). Lives in Miami, 3 kids. VP of HR at Big Corporation Inc. Shmuel is operations manager at Super Businesses Ltd.
  • Moshe - married to Shira Klumsier (of Baltimore). Lives in Teaneck. 2 kids. Sr. Trader, Bank of Banks. Shira is pediatrician with local practice.
College: NYU '09 - B.S. in Accounting, Computer Science (Double Major)
Yeshiva: Sha'alvim (2 years)
High School: DRS '03

Personality Traits:
Clever, well-spoken, motivated, sociable, thoughtful, and dependable.

Religious Observance:
MO machmir. Watches TV, listens to non-Jewish music. Daily learning, minyan. Interested in making aliyah.

Elegant, ambitious, enjoyable, talkative, affable, interested in making aliyah, willing to live in Brooklyn, planning on covering hair, dresses tznius.

Rabbi Kagan (Rav) - (516) 456-7890 
Mr. Shimon Butterfingers (family friend) (718) 654-3210 
Chaim Bumbler (close friend) (347)123-7890


  1. I copyrighted the name Harry. My lawyer will be contacting you in the near future :-)

    Btw i have skype built into my browser, and all the phone numbers that you wrote, now have a skype linked to them. Amusing.

  2. Rabbi Teitelbaum is currently the Rav of the YI of Lawrence-Cedarhurst. Unless you didn't want to drag him into this . . .

    Oh, 5'11". In my experience, dead giveaway for 5'7". If he actually was 5'11", he could've just said 6" already.

    Since I've slept through your classes, I can say that personality, religion, and what seeking are unnecessary. Are you gonna fail me?

  3. @harry-er than them all:
    Let me know when you have a Cease and Desist Order. :-P

    Cool. Give’em a call and see what they have to say about their buddy Harry. (okay, maybe not, I don’t know what would happen)

    Dragging real Rabbis into this was not the intention. Let just say someone didn’t do their homework when making this resume…. :-/

    Really? How can someone 5’7” fake being 5’11”? That’s just bizarre!

    Correct. Since you got the right idea I won’t fail you, but you will lose points for “unsatisfactory class participation.” :-) although you could still change that… ;-)

  4. I have been blatantly LIED to about height. And as I'm tall, it can get awkward when a guy shows up in fictional height. 5'11" = 5'7", I kid you not.

  5. You know tall girls lie about their height too…


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