Solely In Black and White: Hot Girl?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hot Girl?

song chart memes
see more Funny Graphs
(I found this, I did not make this!)

Agree or Disagree? 


  1. @Bored Jewish Guy:
    Are you saying that from experience?

    @Feivel ben Mishael:
    Do I get the credit for introducing you to it? Personally, I don’t like that you can’t edit a graph after you submit it.

  2. Nah I have known about it for awhile.
    I have a lot of these random humor websites in my favorites. Though you can have credit for reminding me about it, since I basically forgot about it until you made that complicated chart.

  3. Cool! You should email me some…. :-)

  4. Concur wholeheartedly!

    Experience proves it.


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