Solely In Black and White: Quantifiably Jaded by Quotients

Monday, June 7, 2010

Quantifiably Jaded by Quotients

A question that presumable vexes many singles (and presumably their parents as well) seems to be “Am I jaded.” Scientifically that would appear to be a strange question since jadedness is presumably like any other psychological disorder in that it should be quantifiable. And thus a blanket yes or no would not suffice. Arguably, everyone in the shidduch world must to some level feel jaded, at least at some point. So the question should rather be: does my level of jadedness fall within the realm of normalcy or not? Furthermore, as one “ages gracefully,” their acceptable jadedness level should rise as well. So for argument sake, (and because Bad4’s jaded repost reminded me that I should publish my Top 10 Jaded List) I have created a crude system contained herein: 

Below you’ll find 20 statements. For each statement assign yourself an integer point value between 0-3. (0 for statements/questions you can’t relate to at all, 1 for those that you can relate to infrequently, 2 for those that you can relate to on a somewhat often basis, 3 for those that you can relate to very frequently). Take the total amount from all 20 questions and divide it by your age, and thus you shall have your jaded quotient! For those of you too lazy to follow all those steps (and math) just read this
(Acceptable levels and age brackets to be determined after more research has been conducted.) 

The Top 10 list of Jadedness Attributes: 
1. You stop praying for prince charming, and start praying just for a good date. 
2. Your favorite part of the date is the end. 
3. The idea of doing research excites you as much doing homework for a class you don’t need. 
4. (for the guys) The best conversations you have all night is with the parents. (for the girls) The best part a date is when the guy goes to the bathroom. 
5. You can count the amount of single friends you have left on one hand… and you do… often! 
6. You can predict the how many dates a perspective shidduch will last with decent accuracy just by reading their resume. 
7. You specifically frequent (or hope to visit) the Brooklyn Marriot (or your nearest lounge) so your date will come to end sooner. 
8. Your idea of a good looking date is one in which your date doesn’t total repulse you… just a little bit. 
9. You’ve lost count of the number of people you’ve gone out with. 
10. Deep down you hope for the “one and done.” 

Bad4’s Top 10 list of Jadedness Attributes based her post here
1. You were going to say “yes” and he says “no” and you don’t care. 
2. Someone describes the perfect guy, and you yawn and say, “Hey, why not?” 
3. Someone describe the perfect guy and you say, “Not this week, I have a test.” 
4. You agree to start dating the week before finals because you figure it won’t go beyond the first date anyway. 
5. You allot about 15 minutes to date-prep and almost forget to double check in the mirror on your way out. 
6. You neglect all dating etiquette out of weariness and don’t care if you scandalize. 
7. You space out on the ride home because you’re reviewing for the quiz the next day in your head. 
8. You no longer find the concept of dating exciting, intriguing, stimulating, or even interesting. 
9. You’d rather stay in and lose a game of Scrabble to your sister than maybe meet your bashert. 
10. You don’t care to know your dates name until you’ve been on three dates.


  1. How do you quantify infrequent, somewhat often, and frequent???

  2. Great questions!

    I got 34. And I'm 24. So whadda that make me?

  3. I didn’t seriously work through the numbers yet, but my estimation for a hypothetical distribution would dictate that:

    0-.5 would be completely not jaded
    .5-1.0 would be slightly jaded (below average)
    1.0-1.5 would an acceptable level of jaded (average)
    1.5-2.0 would be quite jaded (above average)
    2.0+ would just be very jaded
    If someone gets a 3.0+ they might need professional help.

    As such, your JQ score of 1.42 would indicate that your jadedness falls within a normal range for your age. Sound about right?


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