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Monday, July 26, 2010

I am so Sick and Tired of...

(Written @3:45 A.M. EST/DST) 

Okay, technically I’m not sick and tired, I am just tired, or just “unhealthy” tired, I don’t really know anymore… Why I am writing this post at the moment eludes me entirely, especially since it’s the middle of the night, but some of my best, and possible worst, posts/work get accomplished during this bizarre time frame so let’s see where this post goes. Hey, come to think of it, some of my more interesting dates involved at least one tired person. This post may be slightly incoherent… or not…. I dunno yet… What you thought this post was going to be rant?! 

Sleep is a wonderful, albeit underrated, commodity. It’s something we need to survive, at least at the moment. I am still waiting for the cure for sleep but science has yet to find one… although I heard rumors of a drug which removes the feeling of tiredness and the neurological chain reactions associated with immense tiredness, but that just masks the symptoms. (Sorry, too tired to find the link :-( ) And for the record, coffee is not going to cut it this time! 

Strangely, unlike every other commodity, sleep doesn’t trade on any index. (I checked on the CME and CBOT briefly, but I didn’t see it.) Wouldn’t it be nice if we could trade sleep? That might get tricky if we had to start paying someone to sleep for us. Forgetting about the potential of an Enron situation, (how do you account for sleep on financial statements?) how would you know the other person did a good job? Maybe they’re cutting corners… using one pillow instead of two, sleeping less than they’re paid for, or working will on a sleep-job. We would need managers to monitor the sleepers and executives to get paid excessive golden parachutes (made of down quilts) for no good reason only to get sued for some good reason. Let’s not forget that 10% charitable donation requirement too. Alms for the poor? I think not! Sleep for the deprived! I can envision the slogans now, (I mean I’m awake and having an awake dream, I think…) “help the poor children of Africa have pleasant dreams, donate your sleep today, to enable these innocent children to have a better day tomorrow… all sleep donations are tax deductible so call now…!” Of course if anyone has an extra sleep lying around I would gladly accept it too. 

The most obvious question you should be asking yourself (or perhaps me, or maybe I should be asking myself) right now is why don’t you (I) go to sleep? Insomnia? Excessive work load? Backlog of posts that need to be written? “Busy?” Nope, none of the above. The simplest answer to this question is I am busy wasting time in the most useful of ways. It’s sort of like working on perfecting my procrastination skills, but end up being too busy wasting time to get any practice. :-/ But on a deeper and more serious note, I have been up pondering life’s deeper questions such as why am I here, where here is relative and I am too spaced out to know where here is and why here is not close enough to my bed yet too far away from a couch. I wonder how that works with the spaced out time continuum? Perhaps that a question that will be dealt with after a nap… Speaking of which that sound nice actually.... 


  1. that beyond caffeine stage is a waaay to familiar part of my life as well as the ability to procastinate with the best of em! and yes, the wee hours of the morning are the best time for deep thoughts and converstaions with others as well as ourselves...

  2. I'm RATHER familiar with the feeling. I seem to be tired more often than not. Inspiration does indeed strike when the hour is late- i found your post about tiredness quite inspirational! :-)

  3. For goodness sake, just go to sleep!

    The thought of waking up the next morning always snaps me out of any procrastinating that I might be doing...

  4. You have to make time for sleep. If you're sitting at your desk playing around on the computer, well, duh, you're not sleeping. I schedule myself to be in bed by a certain time, complete with wind-down routine. So I am usually, for the most part, cheerfully rested.

    I have this wonderful homeopathic sleep aid . . . no hangover in the morning.

  5. @ aminspiration:
    I know exactly what you mean! Now I just need to get my dates parents to agree. :-p

    @ mmmmchocolate :-) :
    Isn’t being tired awesome? :-p I’m glad you found the post inspiring.

    @ Sun Inside Rain :
    Okay, fine, I’ll go to sleep. But that’s only because you asked, if not I would have stayed-up forever… :-p

    Interesting perspective.

    @ Data:
    I know, I know. It’s not my fault, really. I didn’t choose not to sleep, it just happened. And no, the computer is not at fault either.

    Is it melatonin?

    For the record I went to sleep “early” (relatively) and I am now well rested.

  6. No, Hyland's Calms Forte. I don't want to know what sort of herbal concoction is in there, 'cause it WORKS.

  7. (some of us find ourselves cleaning keyboards in the middle of the night...and then testing them out! ...of COURSE they need to be tested out afterwards...after all...some keys may still be stuck ;-)

  8. @Data:
    Good to know, thanks.

    @ mmmmchocolate :-) :
    :sigh: I sometimes wonder what the point of “going to sleep early is.” It seems to be just a hopeful thought. ;-)

    Why? It’s not like the keys will run away by morning? :-p


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