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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Request and Idea:

Recently Rabbi Ginzburg wrote an interesting piece in the Mishpachah Magazine about bloggers. While the content of article is somewhat peculiar, there is a point that it contained that struck me as partially true. Whether you agree with the article or not (you can find BoSD write up here) is irrelevant. The point that I took away from the article was: a blogger, or more specifically I, someone who has the wherewithal to help others, has used my time and effort to further benefit themselves through their blogging efforts rather than help the community.

I don’t mean for that statement to demonize myself. My blogging activities can hardly be classified as either nefarious or as an extremely time consuming endeavor. However, the point I realized was that I could potentially be using my blog to do more for others. After all, couldn’t we all (in all aspect of life) be doing more for others?

Upon some reflection I have come up with an idea for your consideration. I would like to organize a blogosphere-wide tehillim group. The idea is to divide tehillim into 30 parts (or also conveniently called days) and have 30 people recite their part everyday for the duration of 40 days. Being that this is shidduch blog (what can I say, I am biased… but for some odd reason everyone knows at least one person who is need of a shidduch… so) the connection would be shidduch based.  Or more specifically the desired purpose of this project would be to provide some zechus through our collective efforts to those in need of a match. In order to make this accessible by all, anyone who knows someone in shidduchim can join.

Additionally, being that we are in the midst of The Nine Days, this may be a nice gesture in terms of nosay b'ol im chaveiro, or possibly a nice dose of compassion.  Anyway, let me know what you think of this idea. I guess we can formally start if/when all the slots are filled. I'll make a new post with any updates. 

Participation Form:

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  1. This is a very nice idea!
    I'm just wondering, before I sign up, when to start saying the tehillim. Will it start only once all the slots are filled?

    And another suggestion, maybe an email could go out every day of the 40 days reminding each person to say their part.

  2. I imagine it should start once all the slots are filled so everyone can be on the same track.

    Email is a tad tricky since the free version of doodle doesn’t support email registration. The only viable alternative as of now: if anyone would like email updates such as the start and stop dates as well as daily reminders they can send me an email and I shall try to arrange a mailing list. If you know of a better method please let me know.

  3. i would do it, but im already saying a lot of tehillim for diff groups. but its a really nice idea tho

  4. Tembow, is there any way you could accomplish both? (kill two birds with one stone, perhaps?)

  5. I don't think I can, because it's not fair to the other people I'm saying Tehillim for.
    But I guess, if you give me very little to say (if that's possible), I can do it.

  6. Nice undertaking and I like the email update idea too.

  7. SiBW, I was thinking about this Blogger & Tehillim thing this past hour - before I read your post.
    I think it's a great idea. I'd be up for it.

  8. @Sefardi Gal:
    Cool! Great minds think alike.

    Click on the link above, it will take you to the participation page. Choose the day you want by writing your name in the box and choosing whichever day you would like that still open.

  9. Btw, for updates to this project either check back on this thread, subscribe to the comments on this specific thread or add this post’s comment rss feed to your favorite reader:

  10. SiBW- what's going on with this project?

  11. Nmf#7, initially I thought we would have enough people to fill up the whole cycle, i.e. 30 people for 30 days, but it seems that we didn’t hit that number. I’m really unsure what to do at the moment. Either we can ask people to take multiple days or ask everyone to solicit others to join the effort. If anyone has any other solutions or suggestions I am all ears, but for now and until all the day are taken, the project remains in neutral.


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