Solely In Black and White: The Story of Sleeping Beauty: Part 2

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Story of Sleeping Beauty: Part 2

Written by ShidduchimAdverse 

Part 1

The rebbetzin whisked her off to an average person’s  bed
(no comfy pillows, no pea- it was time to deflate Shayna’s head)
The rebbetzin utilized some high-tech gear to enter  Shayna’s mind
She’s one of those tech-savvy rebbetzins that are rather hard to find
She entered Shayna’s dreams  and showed her how her life would be
Sans- all that special treatment for being royalty
So Shayna spent her year of dreaming in hibernation
Experiencing what normal people do in life- some actual frustration
She lived dating the way all of us in the real world actually do
Mostly “one and dones” and some worthwhile dates (maybe two)
She was sometimes humiliated, lost her pride- became humble
After visiting a million shadchanim who forgot her name in the jumble

Of all the other girls they met each and every day
Without the “Princess” prefix- she had to do things the old-fashioned way
She realized that much of what had come easily in her life was hard for others
They weren’t born with royal fathers and nasty queens for mothers!
Not everyone “excelled” in coloring in Pre-K
Narcolepsy in a commoner!? NOT accepted NO WAY
Not everyone was given a free pass
When they passed out in grade school- nobody said “poor lass”
Highschool she realized, celebrated her mediocrity
To say this a little bit…um…harshly
She didn’t deserve Chesed Head ,Drama or G.O.
And of course we all know that she could only go
To Princesses Chava because of her wealth and fame
Narcoleptics can only get anywhere by having a known-name
Slowly but surely Shluffing Shayna realized the truth
Boys weren’t lining up at her “date me” booth
Because narcolepsy could be put up with in school
But spoiled bratty nastiness- in marriage? Just not cool
Only the eighth dwarf, Greedy had offered her a date
He figured the cash-flow for a princess would be kinda great
Shluffing Shayna slept on, her pillows wet with tears
She realize how nasty she’d been  for all those years!
The rebbetzin saw those glistening teardrops-
Went out to one of the town’s nicest shops
Bought Shayna a new dressing gown
One with embroidered sheep- the nicest one found
Her INNER beauty was beginning to show
And now the wise rebbetzin could go
To the nearest Yeshiva (Lakewood Fairyland West)
And pick out a bochur who she deemed would be best
At accepting a Shluffing Shayna- reformed and newly aware
Of what it means to have a heart- and to actually care
A Shayna who now had Hakaras Hatov- gratitude
A  Shayna with a whole new attitude
She searched and searched and found a REAL boy
(true, he had once actually been a wooden toy)
But a boy with realness and sincerity is hard to find
And this one was exactly what she had in mind
Besides, his nose had a tendency to grow when he lied
Which was great for marriage! Nothing he could hide!
So the Rebbetzin and Pinchas-O went to see Shluffing Shayna
He saw her inner-beauty fell in love- a real no-braina!
He got down on one of his still-wooden knees
Pulled out a plastic ring and said “Shayna marry me please?”
Shaynan awoke with a shudder and a start
And there was Pinchas-O at her side- looking sharp and smart
She smiled into his still wooden face
At this boy who a year ago- would’ve been a disgrace
A REAL boy is truly hard to find
After having her dream, she’d made up her mind.
She got engaged then and there,
The rebbetzin looked on- smiled and shed a tear
Shluffing Shayna lived happily ever after
In a house full of wooden toys, narcolepsy and laughter.



  1. That was great! I love the Sleeping Beauty-Pinocchio shidduch--you really have potential as a shadchan if you could come up with that. ;-)

    BTW, based on the time this was posted, you must be a Shluffing SiBW yourself.

  2. All the credit for this goes to ShidduchimAdverse. This is entirely her creation… err… story…shidduch..., whatever, you get the idea. :-)


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