Solely In Black and White: The Story of Snow White: Part 3

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Story of Snow White: Part 3

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          After some time had passed, a Prince (his last name may have been Charming) traveling through the land saw Snow White. He strode over to her coffin. The Prince was enchanted by her inner beauty and instantly fell in love with her, even with her hideous warts and pimples. He begged the shadchan to let him have a date with the coffin-confined Snow White. The Prince's servants carried the coffin away. (That’s the fairytale equivalent of picking the girl up and opening the door.) 

          While doing so, they stumbled on some bushes and the movement caused the piece of poisoned apple to dislodge from Snow White's throat, restoring her beauty. The prince then declared his love for her, proposed on the spot, and soon thereafter a wedding date was planned. (It was really that simple back then!) And to answer the implicit question: Yes, he just knew she was the one.  

          The vain Evil Princess, still believing that Snow White was sickened by the “nasty looking” poison, once again she asks the mirror: who is the fairest in the land, and yet again the mirror disappointed her by responding that “You, my Evil Princess are fair; it is true. But the new young queen is a thousand times fairer than you.” Now this got her really angry. “Is there no end to this madness? How many people do I have to poison to get some dates around here?!”

          Unbeknownst to The Evil Princess, that young queen, Snow White, was indeed her future stepsister-in-law. When The Evil Princess arrived at the wedding, her heart filled with the deepest of dread when she realized the truth. As punishment for her wicked ways, a pair of extremely uncomfortable and smelly 10” heels were brought forth with tongs and placed before The Evil Princess. (The previous “inhabitant” most likely had Athletes Foot, hence the tongs.) She was then forced to step into the heels and dance until she had as many blisters on her feet as pimples and warts as she had caused Snow White to attain. 

          And thus, subsequently, all was well in the land; The Evil Princess learned her lesson (don’t feel so bad for her, she got married a few months later to a boy named “Some Dude”) and Snow White and Prince Charming lived happily ever after. But she never really liked being called Snow Charming, it just sounded all wrong… :-/  but it sounded so much better than The Evil Princess Dude! :-)  

The End


  1. YAY! lol good ending, I must say...worth the wait too. Some very important questions to clear up:
    1) Was the poison "nasty" looking, or "shnasty" looking- because nasty i can deal with...shnasty? not so much
    2)How iNtuitive is the prince that he sees her innter beauty when she's unconscious!? I can definitely appreciate him falling for her inner beauty...but she wasn't even awake! Is he a prince with SUPER POWERS? Is he telepathic? Cause, a Prince with super powers opens SO many story options! (It also explains why he always seemed to be wearing tights)

    Thanks so much for posting the end! It was oodles of fun to read.

    mmmmmchocolate :-)

  2. Wouldn't it be "The Evil Dude"? Oh. I get it, she made her last name another middle name. But then I guess based on her dating tactics, we already knew she was innovative...


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