Solely In Black and White: Breaking News!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Breaking News!

SiBW is “officially” engaged! :D 

(Insert witty and cute post here)

So much to do now! For one, I might have to change my name to something other than “Solely.” Maybe “Together in Black and White” has a nice ring to it, assuming “The Amazing Kallah” (TAK) chooses to join me in my blogging endeavor. Secondly, does that make me SiBaW because I found my “and?” :-) Oh, and that reminds me, now that I’m engaged…. I need to tell her about this blog…. :-/ I wonder how that conversation is going to play out…. 

Anyway, sorry for the brevity, but I have some other pressing matters that need attention, such as fielding and returning phone calls and what not (also my mind isn’t really in a post producing state at the moment either). ;-) 

To all the single readers: Im Yirtza Hashem by all of you! And to everyone else: may we share many simchas together in the future! In lieu of gifts please donate your time and effort to the aforementioned Blogger Tehillim Initiative. All the best! :D

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  1. Mazal Tov!!!

    I do hope you're gonna fill us all in in the juicy info soon? And will you blog about engagement topics? I've always wondered how that will work, when Shidduch bloggers get engaged...

  2. Mazal Tov SibAw and TAK!!! That's a capital A :)

    "To all the single readers: Im Yirtza Hashem by all of you! And to everyone else: may we share many simchas together in the future!"
    Amen and Amen!

  3. Mazel tov! That is such wonderful news!

    May you be zoche to a lifetime of happiness together with your Kallah...

  4. Mazel Tov wishes to the kallah& chossan/I'm so glad you found that special one/ wishing you years of simcha and celebration/all the joys in Hashem's creation! (ta da! it's a Mazel Tov poem)

  5. Mazal Tov!!!!
    May you be zoche to build a bayis ne'eman b'yisroel and it should be binyan adei ad enlightened by Torah and Mitzvos, especially the inner light of Torah!

    Also, now that you will no longer be a bochur, you will have no more svaros or excuses for being baby faced, with Hashem's help, but your effort ;-).

  6. mazal tov may you build a BNB (blog neeman biyisrael)

  7. Mazel Tov!! And yes, Sephardi Gal- I agree with you about the capital A!

  8. Mazel Tov! Is this for real? This is such wonderful news! So how'd you (and she) manage with the three weeks beard?

    p.s. Nice graphic.

  9. @ Everyone:
    Thank you for the Mazel Tovs and well wishes! And אָמֵן to all the brachos!

    @Frum N' Flipping:
    Maybe some… more posts to follow sooner or later. I still have a bunch of shidduch posts that I wanted to write, but I imagine I shall have some interesting engagement posts too. Dunno, being a guy makes being engaged a bit less work. It’s not like I have to buy a gown… :-p So as of now I shall continue blogging pending further approval and such….

    @ Feivel ben Mishael:
    Oh to the contrary, TAK said she wants me clean shaven! She didn’t like the 3 week beard at all! (Okay maybe the first week? :-p) You’re going to have to take it up with her! ;-)

    @ SIS:
    Yup, it’s real! It feels surreal, but it actually happened! :-D See the comment about above the beard. :-/


  10. What the Chofetz Chaim says > What TAK says
    any day :-)
    If you will have a blogger l'chaim/vort/whatever they do in your velt maybe I will say something.

    This morning my mother told me I am absolutely forbidden to say anything to the chosson when (chas v'shalom) my sister becomes engaged to a clean shaven bochur :-/

    nu nu. lol. what does TAK stand for, The Aforementioned Kallah?

  11. oh I see now that TAK is The Amazing Kallah.
    The wedding should be b'sha tova umutzlachas!

  12. MAZAL TOV!!!!! (there's is something so exciting and nice when a blogger gets engaged, not sure what it is...)

  13. wow, Mazal Tov! I can't believe I totally missed this. Let's hope many more bloggers are zoche to follow in your footsteps ;)

  14. A little late but: Mazzal Tov! Keep blogging! And give us all unmarrieds a bracha!


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