Solely In Black and White: Modern Day Prince Charming?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Modern Day Prince Charming?

If one were to take a date or fiancé to a baseball game and a foul ball is coming directly at both you and your female compadre. Do you:

A) Man up and attempt to catch the ball before it hits your lady?
B) Shield her, thus “taking a bullet” to protect your lady?
C) Choose the better part of valor and dodge the approaching projectile?

Click the "read more" link to see what actually happened... 

Has chivalry died? 

Major whoops moment.... and thus henceforth he shall be known as "the bailer."


  1. I think the real reason this video is so popular, is not that the guy bailed, I'm sure it's happened many times to ppl who weren't that good looking :-) aside from the bailing thing, that guy also looks and talks like a total DB.

  2. yowza! i think that frog needs a lot more than a kiss to be a prince...maybe a kick in the pants! terrible...hmph..i think he should have done option D) Pulled his princess to safety!

    That would guarantee that nobody gets injured

    (the most grating, obnoxious thing about him is that he PROMISED to catch it and THEN he bailed- now THATs awful! He didn't even TRY to catch it!)

  3. @Bored Jewish Guy:
    Very true. I dunno though, catching a foul ball with your bare hands isn’t so easy. What would you have done?

    That sounds like a good idea. I guess he didn’t know about the rule: leave no man behind!

  4. or WOMAN behind (i'm a bit of a feminist!) ;-)

  5. SiBaW: I know it's not easy, but I've seen an 80 year old (estimated) lady catch a ball with bare hands before :-) I know exactly what I would do, b/c I've taken my little brothers and sisters to games before and had balls come into our section. I would stand in front of her and try to catch it. Now I'm gonna have to go to a game on a date to prove myself, hopefully I'll make it to national TV like this guy (not b/c I'll be on TV, I don't want that, but b/c of what that says about the girl ;-))


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