Solely In Black and White: Surprise Warfare

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Surprise Warfare

TAK and I have just started playing this new little game called surprise warfare. At its inception it wasn’t really a game, more of a... well…. for lack of a better a word…. a surprise. Most of the surprises involve trinkets, emails, and letters, but that's the thing with surprises... you just never know what it is till you see it. Okay, it’s like this. TAK loves surprises, yet I do not like them as much as she does. I guess opposites attract or we complete each other or something cute and creative like that. It's either that, or it's one of those things which make us very different from one another. Whatever. 

Nonetheless, even with my partial aversion to surprises, I am starting to enjoy them, at least some of them… at least for the interim. But like Newton’s Law of Motion, there is an undocumented rule that states: for every surprise there is an equal and opposite reaction. It also commonly known as reciprocity. The nice thing to do is return one's favor. Thus, we have a little thing called surprise warfare. It's really not about who wins... it all about better the lives of the Iraqi people.... :-P

That also means USP,Fedex, and USPS are now both simultaneously loved and feared. Every time the doorbell rings I (we) wonder if it’s a surprise… or not… Although we can exchange these things in person, there is some allure in ordering something online or by phone and having a rough estimate of when it will arrive. It adds to the surprise. Conveniently, ordering things in such a fashion is also safer, because no matter how expertly one interrogates you, you won’t know when it’s stated to be delivered. :-) Ignorance is bliss… ;-)

It would appear that many of our blogging brethren have recently been infected by an engagement malady that has been spreading virulently throughout the blogosphere (may it continue to spread further… an engagement pandemic perhaps? ;-) ). I guess its a malady from a blogging perspective since getting engaged( and quite possibly more so when married) is a condition which may partially inhibit ones posting/blogging abilities. 

While I would love to tap the minds of the recently engaged for ideas on surprises, I won't limit myself to that, since doing so would limit the pool of innovative ideas. Being that you're a group of creative individuals, I  therefore assume that you must have some good ideas up your sleeves! So if anyone has any excellent surprise ideas handy please comment or email them over ASAP. Thanks. :-) 


  1. TAK: LOL you do know, that since i read your blog now- if people comment with surprise kinda ruins the surprise- right? :-P

    It's kinda like the space race, or the arms race- an escalating surprise war...hmmm rocket powered spaceships- with nuclear warheads oooooh! (i wonder if UPS ships those!?)

  2. TAK, but you’ll never know what is until you get it. ;-) You might suspect what it is…. Maybe that’s why no one other than us has commented yet, they don’t want to ruin the surprise! :-p

  3. Very cute to see comments by your Kallah :-). Mazel tov TAK!

    As far as surprises go, I'm not a big fan of them at all. I remember that when one of my friends was engaged, her chosson asked her to pick up a package he'd sent with a friend and turns out, it was him in full form. My friend was delighted with the surprise. I don't think I'd appreciate that as much. I would want to be notified a little before I see my chosson. At least then I can build up the excitement :-).
    Then again, I don't know what it's like to be a Kallah. Maybe they delight so much in every second spent with their guy that it takes away any unpleasantness in being caught unprepared.

  4. Thank you SunInsideRain (I like your name BTW!) I think liking surprises or not are a function of personality. If you don't like them now- you probably wont like them when ur engaged...your chossan will probably know that too---and will tell you well in advance so anticipation DOES build :-) Surprises are funny things...


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