Solely In Black and White: A Tax on Personal Blogs?!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Tax on Personal Blogs?!

I knew many cities were, or are currently, on the brink of financial collapse, but a tax or fee on personal blogs?! That’s absurd! Nonetheless, the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, is proposing to do just that. The complete article from Digital Journal can found here. Thankfully, I don’t live in Philadelphia, nor do I plan on moving there in the near future. Don’t get me wrong, I like blogging and I’m not knocking the community of Philadelphia; but If I did reside there presently, I don’t think I would fork over the amount of cash they are asking for. Okay maybe I would…. I really don’t know. Something about paying for a hobby which should be free seems maddening. Yeah, probably not. I'm not an accountant but there must be some legal loophole. Here's why:

Besides for the fact that bloggers can easily evade the system by using other mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, or even good-old email newsletters, how on earth is the city of Philly going to enforce this. Furthermore, the way I see it, anyone can incorporate out of state or even in a different country and no longer be bound by the jurisdictional control of any greedy municipality. Corporations have been doing this for years, I see no reason why blogger can't follow suit; I might have to run this by an accountant before I actually try it though... However, if one needed to form a corporation or LLC just to start a blog, that little detail might detract from the allure substantially and thus limit blogging to those with some deep-rooted dedication. Also think of all the paperwork! :-/ The only question that I am thinking about is: how long will it take for this brilliant idea comes to NY… ? :-( 


  1. Oy vey! Well- on the bright side- at least NY isn't AS bankrupt as states such as California and Michigan. BTW- it's SO obvious that the people who come up with these taxes have no idea how the internet works!

  2. Well, of course I'm against taxing personal blogs, for completely selfish reasons. Maybe, they can tax smileys, there's way too much cutesy stuff going on around here these days. The smileys, TAK commenting, it's kind of gross :P

  3. Oh No! I think I am addicted to smileys. I need my smileys! If they tax them I don’t know what I would do! :-| Move to smiley friendly city? :-) While that is an interesting idea, :-p nonetheless, I am sure we’d be able to find some loophole. Let’s see, maybe we can open an off-shore cuteness shell company, or perhaps trade some revenue neutral cute credits swaps in the same logic as the carbon cap and trade system. I wonder if you can be arrested for cuteness fraud or indecent public cuteness; that would be terrible. :-p

  4. Wouldn't a cuteness cap and trade system be the same as a tax? Well, not for me, b/c I'd be selling my credits, so I get paid, I like this idea. (I would have put a smiley here, but I'm not sure how much they're worth yet). Indecent public cuteness should be a crime, maybe there can be an exception for recently engaged people, but there's got to be a time limit.


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