Solely In Black and White: Top Ten Indicators that You’ve been Dating too Long

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top Ten Indicators that You’ve been Dating too Long

Following in the theme started by BoSD (and Bad4), Top Ten Graphs to Simplifying the Shidduch Process, I figured I would write a post of similar interest, titled: Top Ten indicators that you’ve been dating too long. I've wanted to write this post for a while, being that it was in my blog to-do, but I've been busy with other matters of importance, like writing random blog posts and whatnot.Technically, I wrote the post before BoSD posted hers, but they seem to coincide with each other slightly, so cheers for that, and thus it was posted now on Top Ten Tuesday! :-o Yes, I know, dating no longer applies to me. But can’t one reminisce about those “splendid” times? 
8-| I remember dating as if it were just yesterday… we’ll okay, a few days ago… whatever, you know what I’m getting at! Anyways, enjoy. ;-) 

1. You can list-off five date friendly hotels lounges in midtown without blinking

2. You know every fancy restaurant in the city, and you have them ranked by service, food, and ambiance

3. People call you at least once a month for dating advice

4. The (Thursday and Sunday night) bartenders at the Brooklyn Marriot know you on a first name basis

5. The amount of shadchanim in your phone exceeds either your list of former dates or current friends

6. 90% of the time you can determine if your date is a “one and done” within the first 90 seconds of meeting them.

7. You’ve started a shidduch blog.

8. You’ve either posted on Mikomos, or know of better dating places that aren’t even listed.

9. You’re a girl and you give a guy either dating or venue advice while on a date.

10. You’ve dated the seemingly most interesting man/woman in the world… and you dumped him/her!


  1. Love 4,6 and 7. And I'm guilty of most of the other 7 indicators on your list :-/
    Uh oh, can someone help me find my way out? :-)

    (I thought Engaged Species tend to leave out a number when doing a top ten list. I guess you are still somewhat grounded on planet earth.)


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