Solely In Black and White: Top Ten Pleasant, Yet Annoying, Surprises I Don’t Like

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Top Ten Pleasant, Yet Annoying, Surprises I Don’t Like

While on the topic of surprises I figured I’d write a Little Top 10 List. No, I am not referring to ill-fated or unpleasant surprises. That list would be easy to write about, although maybe I’ll write that one later…. That would be so much easier. First would be unexpected loss of internet, that’s always a very unpleasant surprise, especial when you’re about to click post. Wrong post…. Anyways, here is my Top 10 list, in reverse chronological order, of seemingly pleasant surprises, that aren't exactly pleasant and which I do not enjoy.

10. Last Minute Dating Venue Changes:

Sometimes a change of scenery is nice and when it comes to dating it can be extra nice. It once happen that after planning a lovely picnic in a lovely park our plans had to be scraped because we were “rained out” just as we were arriving to the park… that was a pleasant, yet annoying surprise. Getting wet on the other hand….

9. Food Related Surprises:

This is an interesting topic in and of itself but let’s just say I am not a fan of dishes like mystery meat. Maybe it was from my days at camp where I learned this lesson, but if you can’t identify it, you might want to double think eating it. Trust me; I can almost guarantee, with absolutely no certainty, that my camp wasn’t serving
Unicorn Meat. Surprise pizza topping might be more of an acceptable, or maybe palatable, idea but even that isn't preferable.

8. Surprise Engagements of One's Friends:

I love when friends get engaged. It’s awesome. What’s annoying about it is when you don’t hear about for a while. I guess that's what happens when you're out of the loop for a few days.Things only get better when you bump into the person and you stare blankly at them while they smile from ear to ear only to realize someone forgot to tell you something….

7. Unannounced Surprise Visits from (e)strange(d) Relatives:

Need I say more? You can read Musings' post on family here for more insight on the topic.

6. Relationship Surprises:

This one can be a doozy. It can range from breakups, which can in a way be blessing, to roommate surprises. I was never a fan of the “guess who’s your new roommate….? line” For some reason that always spelled trouble.

5. Vacation Related Surprises:

I can’t say I’ve had too many of these, but when they do happen it’s a rather annoying since I didn’t get to do what I really wanted and my plans were in vain, but nonetheless, I still had a vacation. A bittersweet victory. Also, this item includes the now infamous staycation. It might be better than going to Union City though… ;-)

4. Bathroom Related Humor Surprises:

If you’re felling luck try searching in Google Image for: colorful stool. The result might amaze you… in a surprising way…. Or not… :-P (don't worry if you don't get this one, its a vague reference to this book.)

3. Pregnancy Related Surprises:

Pregnancies are wonderful, but why do I have to guess if someone’s pregnant, that’s just ludicrous. 
I hate when people have these conversation with me. Here is a little story that transpires when I was younger between "me" and "them," where "them" was some distantly related couple, not my parents. I don’t recall this precise conversation taking place but my parent have it on good authority that it actually transpired. 

Them: “We have a big surprise!”
Me: “Really, what is it?”
Them: “No; guess!”
Me: “: sigh: fine, is it expensive?”
Them: “Umm… yes, I guess so.”
Me: “is it special and pretty.”
Them: “: nods all around: Yes, it’s very special and pretty.”
Me: “are you getting a new car?”
Them: “no, more important than that!”
Me: “okay, is it returnable?”
Them: “NO! What? We’re having a baby! Isn’t that wonderful?”
Me:“You sure it’s not returnable…?”

2.Naps with Surprising Consequences:

Naps are so nice; waking up groggier and more tired than you were before you had one is so not! Naps also become unpleasant when you sleep long enough that you can no longer sleep normally that night, like occasionally on Motzei Shabbos and such.

1. Posts that Finish writing Themselves…. Just kidding… :-P

No, the real number one surprise that I dislike are great books, stories, or posts with terrible endings. That takes first place without a doubt because it happens way too often. I mean it was great and all but know… 

So what seemingly pleasant surprises do you dislike? 


  1. Hmmm so is this why you don't like surprises? LOL- the pregnancy related surprises had me in stitches your reaction is priceless...also the (e)strange(d) relatives? hee hee! Seriously though- every unpleasant situation isn't a surprise! The term surprise, to me- has a positive connotation. If it's negative its an "unexpected consequence" or a "shocking event" Surprise is something happy people who love you shout at a birthday party. Surprises are gooooood. (i think so at least)Seriously though- what's everyone else's opinions on surprises?

  2. TAK, when I tell you which relatives I am referring to from that pregnancy and (e)strange(d) relatives lines, you might have another fit of laughter. ;-)

    I am also curious about that, generally, do people generally like surprises or not. I know, I’ll make a poll!

  3. 8. Worse than surprise engagements is surprise vorts that you have absolutely no chance of being able to attend.

    Example: the text message you get one afternoon that says "Mazal Tov, I'm engaged! Vort in 3 hours at my kallah's parents house, which take just under 2 hours to drive there! I hope to see you!" when you have class, work (IE life) going on.

    6. The worst is the broken engagement you don't know about as you casually wish the person mazal tov and them about their ongoing wedding plans


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