Solely In Black and White: I Just Knew She was the One for Me

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Just Knew She was the One for Me

I remember the first time we met. It was as if in a dream; an epiphany of the most pleasant kind. The type of dream one dreams about dreaming about… one in which you don’t want to wake up and face reality, rather stay in the world of blissfulness and delight. It may have contained cotton candy, unicorns, and rainbows, but that stuff got filtered out. :-p

The details were menacingly memorable. The setting was perfect, the ambiance bizarre. It was a façade that was slightly surreal; sparkly with soft overtones in a very natural way. A soft smell of lilac with a pleasant breeze permeated the air around us. Perhaps the scene was not memorable in its own right, but in context of what transpired shortly thereafter, it will remain a very vivid picture on my conscience for a long time. And how could it not? It was a moment quite worthy of remembrance. It was a beginning to a book with a many glorious and wondrous chapters which I have yet to pen or read, but to which I am greatly and eagerly anticipating partaking in. 

I have to admit, I was hesitant in going out with her. First and foremost, there were so many others to choose from. Conceivably a nearly endless supply was vying for my attention, or so they* had me believe. But it wasn’t about the numbers. Numbers are meaningless when you are looking for one. But large quantities of quality “product” can sometimes lead one astray and away from their true path. It becomes harder to separate what features one truly needs and the ones which are merely wants. I heard so many nice things about her, but it just didn’t sound like she was the right one for me. But what did I really want? There was something about her that just sounded right yet wrong, like she was missing something, or perhaps she was different than all the rest. But different didn’t necessarily mean bad. It meant something new. A new angle, a new idea, a new approach… Maybe I had made a mistake in my initial perceptions and needed realignment? Or possibly not? I didn’t know. Regardless, who was I to argue, after all mother knows best, and who I am to question her judgment. Maybe the answer is to think outside the box? 

And so it was arranged that she and I would meet, as in: why not, collectively what did we have to lose? Worse case scenario, it would be over before we could blink an eye. And it was on that fateful afternoon that I saw her, and my life was changed forever. She was like no other I had ever come in contact with. She was perfect in every which way. She was marvelous beyond a doubt; exquisite, extraordinary, and smart with a personality to match. Beyond the mundane descriptors I could conjure, the metaphysical aspect was the greatest allure of all, the comfort level was astonishing. It felt so natural, as if we belonged together, almost as if we had spent so much of our lives as one. But the nicest part, the guise we presented was like one unit, or together we were just stunning. And then to complete the epiphany in true dream-like form, we shared a special moment; a beautiful silence in which I stared into her eyes**, and she stared back at me, and all was perfect in the world for those few seconds…. 

The shadchan* overlooked with glee. We really were an awesome couple to behold. It was fate that had brought us together but she knew that she had played an instrumental role in weaving together this masterful tapestry; one which could only be described as a masterpiece. And she smiled and winked as she said “isn’t she perfect; possibly the only one for you?” to which although I may not have admitted it at first, but deep down I knew she was right. This one was different than all the others, truly the only one for me. She was the one that glistened brighter than all the rest by far. The one that was everything I was looking for and more. 

And that folks is the story of how I met my bashert…. Chossan Watch. :-) Yup, you got that right; this post was all about a watch. You thought I would write a significantly romantically inclined post and publicly publish it for TAK?! No. That would be too emotional to be posted in a public forum, and so not my style. But, to put mildly and perhaps in context, I like her and know she is the right one for me a lot more than the watch! ;-)

* Salespeople

** Watch Face


  1. ::rolls eyes:: very cute....

  2. "oh watch watch how i love thee...let me count the ways..." lol.... ya

  3. @Yehuda:
    I can’t say that on the blog. The watch is quite obscure, as you probably deduced from the post, and too many people know I have it IRL. Sorry. :-(

    @ mmmmchocolate:-):
    8-| ::roll eyes:: 8-| Glad you enjoyed! :-p

    @ shmaichalymaidel:
    Well…. It was only a “matter of time.” :-) And quite possibly “in the nick of time” as well... but more succinctly it was merely “about time.” ;-)


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