Solely In Black and White: Question: Blogging on Chol Hamoed

Monday, September 27, 2010

Question: Blogging on Chol Hamoed

seven days of succot

I am kinda wondering; can one blog on Chol Hamoed? Or more specifically, is it muttar to blog on Chol Hamoed? So while my knowledge of hilchas Chol Hamoed might be considered lacking, I am not about to go ask this question to my local orthodox rabbi for some odd reason… :-) Don't get me wrong; either way is absolutely fine with me. I have nothing against vacations, including blogging, nor do I have a problem with writing a few posts due to the fact that I now have some free time on my hands. Even though the internet is a repository for abstract and obscure information, it seems the only other discussion of interest on this topic (that I found easily) was written a few years back on Hirhurim, but even that post didn’t reach a definitive conclusion. So what do you say, can one blog on Chol Hamoed? If you cannot type out a comment on Chol Hamoed, then figure out some other way of letting me know! :-P


  1. Could be, I didn’t hear a definitive answer about blogging, so I erred on the side of caution. Okay… maybe not… I was looking for an excuse to take a vacation… :-) but either way….


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