Solely In Black and White: Disdain for the Dentist

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Disdain for the Dentist

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I can’t say I was never afraid of the dentist because that would be untrue. I used to be terrified of the dentist! Well…. it was for a good reason.  He was crazy, (imho)! He loved pulling out teeth and filling cavities. I mean, the guy was trigger happy with a tooth-drill for crying out loud, literally. To give you some perspective: I think most of my baby teeth had fillings, no jokes. I still don’t understand the logic in that; why fill a tooth if it’s going to fall out anyway? That just seems like a waste of time and resources. 

I guess thoughts of dentistry permeated my mind as a kid. I don’t why, but for some odd reason I found it ironic that the fairy-god-mother of dentistry, the Tooth Fairy, is inaccurately portrayed according to folklore as kind and sweet. My dentist does look a bit fairy-like in his attire and he so happens to holds a metallic wand of sorts, but I don’t want him reaching under my pillow at night; that is so creepy. Come to think of it… having anyone stick their hand under my pillow while I’m sleeping is creepy! Especially someone who has the title fairy in his/her name! :-/ I guess that’s why I sold my teeth my parents when I was a kid. That way they can negotiate with this shady tooth fairy being, because seriously, I need my sleep. :-) Oh, and I was taught not to talk to strangers… :-P 

But as I matured, at least in thought, :-P, I came to appreciate dentists for the services that they provide. Not that my fears are unwarranted. I have heard my fair share of dental related mishaps and egregious malpractice incidents. But nonetheless, I also learned that dentistry isn’t supposed to be as painful as I remember it being. As an example, the accuracy of a dental hygienist who is performing a cleaning is crucial to one's overall experience. Or more succinctly, a little hand-eye coordination goes a long way. ;-) And in return, my gums will be very thankful and my saliva will not be as red. I also found out that some dentists are really good at giving Novocain injections, like totally-painless-good, while others suck! (To put it mildly.) But even going to the best of dentists is still annoying. I mean seriously, with the advances in technology and medicine, I am sure someone has discovered the cure to the common cavity, but is unable to publish the secret due to some ADA conspiracy.  

Dental X-rays: my left side teeth
The thing that peeves me the most about the dentist: I always get a mussar schmooze; no matter how well I brush and floss, I still have room for improvement. My dentist even commented once: “You know, we need to get you married so your wife can make sure you brush and floss properly!” Yup, that’s exactly what I was thinking! I think I could perpetually brush my teeth and they’d probably have some problem with that too! So until the days when we have a way to avoid going to the dentists, I guess I am will be going back for more. :-( Hmm… that remind me, I need to whiten my teeth! 


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