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Monday, October 25, 2010

Question: Just Dance?

Formal dance, Pomona College

Formal Dance, Pomona College via Flickr

I think I’ve noticed a trend from my dating conversations: females generally like dancing. I don't think the girls that I was conversing with were referring to the song in the title, although who really knows. I guess it's complicated. ;-) Well life is like this..., after asking one of the most clichéd questions ever - “what do you enjoy doing?” I got a lot of responses directed toward dancing. I can understand pastimes like writing (duh! :-) ), drawing (I play around in Photoshop ;-) ), and music, as well as some others common commonalities, but dancing was almost-always an instant conversation killer for me. I mean I understand the premise behind dancing and why it can, in certain circumstances, be fun. But I am dismayed at the notion of calling it an actual hobby or an activity of great interest. Maybe I am crazy to judge this avocation adversely, but hey, you can never say never... but whatever it is, please don't stop the music...  because that is magnificent!

Don’t get me wrong, as one of the boys I can have a good time dancing, and I do happen to do so on occasion, such as on holiday and whatnot. I’d even venture to say that boys might generally be more lebedik than girls (hey, I’m biased! :-p but feel free to disagree) . Also, I have recently been informed that girls have this whole hierarchy of who they must dance with and at what point in time. That doesn't sound like fun; that sounds like politicking or a circus. I’m not sure of all the exact nuances involved, but aren’t there also rules on whose hand you can hold and which circle you can join too? Blah :-/. Notwithstanding, I got a feeling that girls still enjoy dancing more than boys! ;-) So maybe you can enlighten me, do girls really enjoy dancing, and if so why?


  1. High schools usually have a school performance where the girls have to practice their dance many times. Girls in dance are the "dancers", so the hobby probably sticks with them through life.


  2. because it's one of the only acceptable times adults can act silly in public and get away with it, because it is so liberating to just move to the music (for girls that is not allowed most of the time) i think that since guys can sing and dance anywhere and at any time- it isn't as enjoyable. I LOVED going to camp as an adult because i missed the public singing and dancing.
    ALSO the whole "dancing hierarchy" is only for the kallah to think about. The friends just know to stay back until the end of the first dance. after that....anything goes. you can dance with whoever you like at any point you want.
    Bottem line: i think girls enjoy the freedom that dancing offers which they can't experience in day to day life.

  3. Always hated it, but in school they told me I was supposed to like it. Which, in retrospect, probably made me hate it more. We had dance in elementary school instead of gym. Some of my more troublesome moments involved not dancing in dance class. But it might have brainwashed plenty of girls into liking it because they should, and people try to do what they should.

  4. I SOMETIMES like it - for the first five minutes. I NEVER truly enjoy it.

    Yeah, you were supposed to like it. But who really cares what you were "supposed" to do, anyways?


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