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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Link: A Real Shidduch Crisis?

While it is often said that there is a(n arguable) shidduch crisis currently enveloping the frum community, it would appear that the real crisis is taking place in Israel. Whether or not there is a shidduch crisis in general is a debate for another time, or post. However, there is an undeniable and real issue currently brewing in Israel as chronicled in this post by Orthonomics. This isn’t exactly shocking news to me, in and of itself, as making shidduchim in Israel has been dependent on the girl’s side providing an apartment as a prerequisite to marriage. What I found fascinating about the article was the numbers! I guess this has been long in the coming though. I mean I even have Israeli friends who have come to the States to date just to avoid this issue entirely. Well… they also weren’t so keen on joining the army, but that is a side issue. So while people postulate and debate the woes of shidduchim over here in North America, keep in mind that in some places shidduchim is actually a real nightmare.

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