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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Phone addicts….

Toilet Kitty
I am sure you’ve heard the story about the Chinese fellow who jammed his arm in a toilet (if not, click the link for the story and video) while trying to valiantly rescue his cell phone. That must have been a real sticky situation. Let just say he was in deep doo-doo. :-) Thank goodness it all worked out! :-P In fact, the fire department had to disembowel the toilet to free his arm! ;-) Although, I am still wondering if he was able to call 119 with his hand submerged. Now that would have been an impressive maneuverer! I just hope this guy doesn't decide to become a plumber now... All kidding and potty humor aside, I “really” feel bad for the guy. I’m actually debating what I would do if my phone got lodged in the can. 

On the one hand my phone contains so much of my life and maybe a little sentimental value too…. On the either hand, getting it back might not be so pretty, and even if I did manage to fish it out relatively intact: 1. It may never work the same again 2. I don’t know if I could hold it to my face! But the funniest thing about this entire incident is that it displays how we as a global society are extremely addicted to our phones… or perhaps how badly  our withdrawal symptoms push us to do crazy things. Especially when we don't have those little thing that have come to really on.... (a text capable anyone ;-) ) While on the topic of cell phones, it would be remiss to avoid stating the obvious sentiment: it's scary how cell phones have changed our lives, habits, and routines; but no matter how you slice it, this fellow takes the cake! (Well hopefully not literally). I am wondering something here, if your beloved phone were to accidentally fall into the loo, what would you do?

Also, if you haven’t already seen Microsoft’s ad for their new Windows Phone 7, titled “Really” I think you should defiantly give it a watch! Now that reminds me, I am now going to backup all the data on my phone, just in case! Hey, you never know… :-/


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