Solely In Black and White: Those Bloody Telemarketers!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Those Bloody Telemarketers!

Blood Sponge Bag
I always marveled at telemarketers. The idea of cold-calling anyone and trying to sell them a product that they don't necessarily need must be a hard job, or at least require some innate talent. Then again, a job is a job. I guess what I marvel at is the services that are offered. For example, the last call I got was a chimney sweep service. I didn’t even know they still had chimney sweeps! And seriously, who on earth is going to trust some fly-by-night shady “professional” chimney cleaning company who calls you at random? While I am a big proponent of the National Do Not Call Registry, mainly because it has diminished the amount of telemarketing calls substantially, the fact remains that companies can still use creative tactics and loopholes to solicit their wares.

The purpose of this post wasn’t to lament about telemarketers, although they deserve to be decried about. But on the topic, I recently got a call from the Red Cross. When I answered the phone I assumed they would be fund raising for some worthwhile cause, like the Haiti Relief Fund, Emergency Preparedness Training, or providing support for Armed Conflict Overseas, but alas, I was mistaken. They wanted my blood. Now that was a new experience for me; vampiric telemarketing. Perhaps in the era of Twilight and our society’s infatuation with vampire paraphernalia this is a new fad I am unaware of, but that is bit creepy. Moreover, my blood type isn’t even all that special, relative to the rest blood type spectrum! Tasty? :-/ Maybe, I wouldn’t really know… Not my beverage of choice...

See, I am one of the many O+ people out there, the most common blood type, which makes me a bit less unique. :-( I always knew deep down I was typical! :-p While O+ isn’t necessarily special, (at least in the United States) I am happy with my blood type. For one, I know that I am not an “A+” person which works out fine, but that also means my blood type isn’t trying to give me advice on how to think about life. Or more specifically, I’m glad I’m not a "B-", because being negative is not a wise idea… ;-) So while I am not a universal donor or universal recipient, it’s nice to know I am wanted…. we’ll at least in pint sized bags once every few weeks…. 

Hmm… I usually don’t fall for marketing ploys, but I think I might donate again soon. Donating blood is a wonderful thing. As they say “it’s better to give than to receive” and I wholeheartedly agree. I mean, donating blood is wonderful in and of itself, but the feeling of helping someone else is amazing, especially when that something is an item which there is no substitute for! (At least until a viable artificial blood substitute is found.) Also it so nice to get that feeling…. I guess it can be described as something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and a bit high on euphoria. Or maybe that’s just the feeling I got from substantial blood loss…? And I forgot the best part, free soda and cookies! Seriously, how can I say no?! :-) Now I know why someone recommended blood donating as a "fun date" idea! :-P


  1. Cute post! How does it work with donating blood? You promise a certain amount and they send you a card in the mail?

    I've always wanted to donate blood. It's such a nice thing to do and relatively easy. And as you said, it comes with some perks :-).

  2. LOL i likee the post! The bit at the end with the soda and cookies reminds me of "Dor Yesharim Day" in highschool. Girls who I'm SURE could suck it up and tolerate a little blood test at the Dr. were all holding their hands dramatically to their foreheads like damsels in distress "Oh i feel SO faint" lol i think high school girls just like group drama. It's a whole lot more fun to freak out about a needle than go to Ivrit.....but I digress.
    :-) good post!

  3. sounds like a great date, great place to just saving a few lives on the cheap date..:p

  4. @Sun Inside Rain:
    No, you don’t get to choose the quantity. There is one set amount for everyone and it’s a pint! (16 fluid ounces) Basically you can either go to an organized blood drive or a blood donation center, such as the Red Cross or The New York Blood Center as well as many others. Most places accept walk-ins but you can make an appointment too.

    I recall seeing some males faint during their Dor Yesharim blood tests! :-)

    While I never tried it, I think the best part would be the conversation after. You know, when you’re both mellow and lightheaded… :-)


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