Solely In Black and White: What’s all this about Clothes?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What’s all this about Clothes?

Woman's clothing from the Army and Navy Stores Catalogue, Edwardian.
I’ve been contemplating Bad4’s posts (part 1 and part 2) about female attire in relation to men. She does make a compelling point. Shopping for clothes, or more aptly a lovely dating ensemble, is an arduous task that requires patience, time, and money. I do empathize with your, collective, plight as I have learned the same lessons about shopping in general. Oh, not necessarily in everyday clothing! Living “solely in black and white” ;-) makes most of my shopping comparatively easy! But I digress…

Anyways, regardless of one’s difficulty in ascertaining proper attire, I don’t believe that as a general rule boys care what color girls adorn themselves in! Do boys care how a girl dresses? Yes! Do boys care that a girl “looks” good? Absolutely! Do boys care about the minute nuances, styles, and intricacies of female fashion in relation to seasonality and moon-phase? Predominantly no! (There are always exceptions to the rules such as male commentors on blogs and werewolves :- ) ) Besides, we can’t analyze all the pieces of ones' outfit in 8.2 Seconds anyways! :-/

Case in point: Once upon a time, in flashback fairytale land, our main character SiBW went on a date with a girl who wore some interesting, funky, abstract, and colorful attire on a first date. Personally, I was not a fan of that “look” (hello! I think I might really be impartial to black and white! ;-) ) That’s not to say that this girl’s attire wasn’t pretty, it may have been, but personally, and subjectively, I think it made her looked more like a peacock, or some other exotic bird. Needless to say, I don't believe one can allow the way a girl dresses to severally impact their decision on whether this person is ultimately for them. (Assuming that the situation is within the realm of normalcy and halacha) And why should it? It's just clothes... pardon the 
cliché, but it's what's on the inside that counts!   

While relating this story over to a few of my female relatives, I was astounded to her how that “style” was at the time so funky and “with-it.” Furthermore, they lauded the girl with praise for her color coordinating abilities and flair. To this I was dumbfounded. Only recently, with some help from TAK, did I finally understand the disconnect at play. Girls and guys don’t evaluate clothes the same way. Not even remotely! Maybe I’m wrong, but girls maybe you can provide me with some perspective, when you choose your attire, whether it’s for a wedding or a date, are you making your selection based on what would be appealing to the tastes of a girl or a guy? 


  1. How would we know what appeals to a guy? I can't remember my past lives.

  2. Bad4s, while I assume men cannot clearly articulate what styles they prefer, and thus asking them would be a futile attempt in figuring it out, the easiest and most plausible solution would be to just ask your male relatives for some unbiased input. No occult science needed! ;-)

  3. Everyone has a different sense of style. If you select an article of clothing, not all girls will have the same opinion and not all guys will, either. There are certain styles that most girls think look great that I find absolutely hideous and I'm sure in 50 years those girls will look back and say, "What were we thinking?"

    When selecting an outfit for a date, I try to pick something that I think looks good on me and that is flattering to the extent that both male and females would agree it looks good.

  4. I'm very selfish. I wear what I like and what I feel comfortable wearing. Also, because every guy (and girl) has different taste, what one might find appealing can be repulsive for the next. It's safest to stick with what *I* prefer, in my opinion.

    Once *he* makes it known what he likes, which I don't think is happening so fast, I'd try to accommodate his tastes too :-).

  5. All joking aside....a girl really CANT go wrong in classic black and white! ;-)A Crisp white blouse and flattering black skirt with beautiful shoes hair and makeup...really can do the trick....

  6. uh...I really don't dig the still-in-high-school-and-going-out-on-a-date look. Seriously, if I had showed up for a date and she showed up wearing a frum schoolgirl outfit I don't think it would have lasted very long.

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