Solely In Black and White: Is there an App for this?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Is there an App for this?

I imagine someone will eventually make this into a nifty app for the iPhone and Android, right? :-p

With thanks to TAW (The Amazing Wife, formally TAK) for finding this link... :-) wait a second... is that a hint... ;-) 


  1. Lol, this is so cute. Thanks for sharing it.

    (It's not a real advertisement, is it?)

  2. Hilarious. I love how the default voice sounds a lot like Strongbad.

    Parenthtetically, that was sneaky indeed. I made sure to delay posting bits of info about when I got married just to throw off would be identity-guessers who were probably waiting for a hint so they could scour Only Simchas. It's unclear if that really helped at all.


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