Solely In Black and White: How is that for Hoot?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How is that for Hoot?

When I was dating I always contemplated whether I wanted a spouse who was a night owl like me, or a morning lark. So much so, I think it was even something I would ask about on a first date. No, I didn't use that a qualifier in any way, I was just curious, really. Sorry, I never understood morning people. Although, in retrospect the statement "I am a morning person, do you mind if we cut this short" might have come in hand. On second thought, that was three in the afternoon, so never mind. 

On first glace I thought having symmetry or nocturnal compatibility would be awesome. That way, when I write my posts late at night, my adoring wife will still be up to proofread them and add her contributions. (Btw, thanks again TAW :-) ) I mean isn’t being on the same schedule a positive precursor for marriage? Since human’s nocturnal nature is genetic, it would follow that compatibility can even be ascertain in a laboratory without even meeting a potential date. Granted, a lab match would only imply that the pair would enjoy staying up late, but hey, that’s a start, right? 

Since we are both night owls we enjoy basking in the moon glow till the wee hours. Reading blogs, eating late night snacks, etc… But this night time bonding has its price. It also means that there is nobody pressing us to go to bed at night or wake up in the morning

However, after some thought about the matter, perhaps it is best that a pair be on opposite ends of the spectrum. Aside from positing that opposites attract, it would create a natural balance. Sorts of like a biological checks and balances system, but without the red tape. Naturally, the night person would be inclined to proscribe a later bed time than the early bird, while the early bird will be granted full authority over the wake-up routine, human alarm clock service, or something like that. As night owl you wouldn’t believe how many alarm clock we need to wake us up. :-) I think the count is at 4? :-( 

I presume the only conclusion I have ascertained from this: until science creates a cure the genetic mutation called the “after-hours-gene” I guess us night owl won’t know what were missing. So in the mean time, good night… or good morning if you’re reading this when you wake up! :-p


  1. what about us poor sould who do both morning and nights but just not afternoons..

  2. @aminspiration:
    ::shrug:: Best of luck??? I don’t really know what that means, but if I don’t get morning people I am probably not going to understand this either… :-( If you'd like, you can try to explain this to me though…

    Yes; don’t you know, we are freelance journalists? :-p

    In all seriousness, if you’re asking us if we wake-up in the morning, the answer is yes. :-)

  3. Yes, I work all day! and night sometimes.
    What i meant was that i do well in the mornings and well at night..its just the 3-5 part of the day that i cant do well. If i push through 11pm then im good till about 3am..

  4. congrats! you finally changed ur single status to married! on the blog anyways:p


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