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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Single Bad Day…

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I marvel at society sometimes. Okay… a little more often than I have to… I mean I do have to conjure these posts sometimes. ;-) Anyways, what I marvel most about society is not their lack of compassion but their misguided sympathies. If anything the recent blizzard has shown the true compassion of people, at least somewhat. But aside from the empathetic nature of people, and their desire for kindness I am a bit shocked at something; bad days. 

While bad days are a common irritation that has plagued mankind since the invention of the day, (or perhaps the creation of the work-week and the occurrence of Mondays all too often) they are something that cannot be avoided. No, I have not discovered the cure for bad days, nor am I advocating a movement to eradicate them, although if science where to discover a solution I would be grateful. But alas, that is not the case. 

Regardless of whether bad days can be eradicated or not, the point of this post is quite simple. Now that I am on the other side of the fence, per se, I have come to the glaring realization that singles are not allowed to have bad days! Shocking; I know! Who would have thought? It seems that whenever a single person has a bad day they are automatically written-off with the notion that they are “distressed that they are single.” 

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that being single can’t contribute to a bad day. I recall having some bad dates that soured my mood for longer than a day. However, the notion that a single person must be happier and more cheerful than the rest of society is absurd, and to think otherwise is ludicrous. So while society may be unduly empathetic towards singles, whether justly or not, just please have a nice day.


  1. We all have our ups and downs..and as hard as we may try to always stay happy..but it is sad that everything that ever happens must be related to your single status...
    you go out of town-must be a date
    sad-must be cuz ur depressed that your single
    you lost weight-good for shidduchim...etc etc etc

  2. I don't know. I never felt like that. Nobody writes off my bad days as "bad single days." I'm glad I'm not part of the society you mention.

  3. @aminspiration: You make a very good point, it’s not just limited to bad days.

    @Sun inside Rain: While I would have agreed with you that I am not part of a society that harbors such practices, only recently have I been made aware of such truths. I know when I was single no one ever made such comments directly to my face, but now in retrospect I assume that people may have been murmuring these sentiments behind my back. Of course I could be very wrong in my assessment. I am basing this post on a recent and specific incident in which someone confided in me that said single must be bitter, even though I knew better. However, to use that incident as precedence for society in general may in fact be wrong… or not.


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