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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Religious Fat

Too Many Cookies! Via Flickr (CC)

According to a new report from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, religious people tend to be fatter than their non-religious counterparts. (via a CBSnews link) This news is quit irking. Granted, the study should also be praised for its accurate portrayal of the non-intrinsic values of being religious. Nonetheless, how can anyone expect religious people to not be heavier than everyone else, we have eating centric holidays. And that is completely negating Oneg Shabbos

To add insult to injury, this reports was publish between Purim and Pesach, right when I need to get rid of my (our) extra cake, chometz, and candy as well as prepare for the onslaught of kosher for Pesach cake. Btw, if anyone would like some extra cake, I am looking for recipients, but let me know asap because its yummy and going fast. Aside from cake, I doubt eating large quantities of starch-heavy potato based product over the course of a few days is sufficiently healthy. 

I can’t really say that this article upsets me much. The prospect of being slightly chubbier than my non-religious counterparts isn’t shocking. There is even well known and documented term for it: the shana reshona boich. At first I thought I found the solution to this known phenomenon, making an in house no-baked good system. This is because having three dozen yummy chocolate chip cookies sitting and politely begging to be eaten by two people is not a good plan of action, neither for the cookies nor for the cookie monsters. So to combat this, basically, the rule of the system dictates that one can’t engage in purely recreational baking. Cakes and cookies can only baked if the majority will be given away with challah being the exception to the rule. 

Aside from Yomim Toivim, the plan is not air tight, but it’s pretty much solid. Granted, there are some gaps but it’s a workable system. That was true until I actually started researching a scientific cause for the shana reshona boich. Interestingly, there is a something called "Couvade Syndrome" a.k.a. Male Sympathetic Pregnancy (which includes minor weight gain)!?! I don’t know about you, but this one (of the many) things they don’t tell you before you get married. (Hey, that might be a future post… Top 10 Things….) Anyway, I wonder if there is a direct correlation between increases in a Jewish male’s weight and the amount of children he has…?

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