Solely In Black and White: Possibly a Convenient Segula?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Possibly a Convenient Segula?

Utah Challah
Yummy Chometz how I've missed thou! :-) via Flickr

I came up with a strange idea today. Let me know if this makes any sense: Being that there is a segula wherein 40 people bake challah for one who is in shidduchim in the merit of them finding their bashert, why not try give it a try? I can’t vouch for the source or accuracy of this practice, but I have been told it’s common and accepted. Besides, unlike other segulas it's not that hard to do or costly. And if everything goes as planned, you may even end-up with some tasty challah for shabbos! Understandably, arranging for 40 people to make challah during one week can be a major hassle. However, the fact that there is widespread and well-founded custom to bake shlissel challah this week why not combine the two segulas? Of all weeks in a given year, surely it can’t be that hard to find 40 people making challah this week! Oh, and on that note, I am so looking forward to eating some of our homemade challah really soon! 

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