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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Corti's Meme

Corti recently posted about how memes have sort of disappeared from the Jewish blogosphere. I think that’s a shame. I never even got to do one; they can be extinct yet! :-/ I don’t really understand the purpose of this particular meme, per se, since every one of these sentences can use more elucidation than just one line. Nonetheless, the meme does succeed in being fun and giving the reader a glimpse of what’s going on the writer’s head, and that is cool. Also, I think you get to tag people, which I assume means you get to nudge them to do it, or something like that, but again, this the first meme I am participating in. Without further ado:

Corti's Instructions: Finish the Following 8 Sentences.

1.            I wish I... had more time in a day. I also wish I could fly and see aurora borealis from the sky. Practically speaking, I wish I had a healthy, cute little baby (preferably girl) destined for our near future, whom I could cradle in my arms…   
2.            My biggest fear... is the prospect of losing my mind. Scary thought; or potentially lack thereof…
3.            I hate (having) to... deal with people who are overly judgmental.
4.            I love... my wife and family. If the question would have said "I like" that would have been a whole long list…
5.            Today I will... bake some more bread. I think I’ve been bitten by either a yeast or flour borne mosquito. I seem to have an insatiable desire to bake bread. Strange, yet tasty.  :-)
6.            Yesterday I... planted thyme some thyme in a pot on our kitchen window sill. I don’t really know why. I think it was more of conversation piece. Why you ask? Well, couldn’t everyone use more thyme? I had too much thyme on my hands and it was really only a matter of thyme. (insert additional thyme puns here; no corn, only thyme). 
7.            My hair... is not listening to me; it’s generally short and dark but now it’s just too long for its own good. If you include the sefira stubble/beard, then my hair is also itchy and scratchy, sans the violence. 
8.            I will never... be a female’s hair stylist. I've learned my lesson. I think one experience is quite enough for me. ;-)   

With the intention of further perpetuating this meme around the blogosphere, I shall tag six people (i figured it was a safe number, but feel free to tag as many people as you want) so that they too can share in this strange activity and spread this strange post-like thing further.... 

BadforShidduchim (completed


  1. First, I'm honored that you took my post so seriously. Mazel tov on your first meme. And just for the record, the questions are old, from someone else's blog- I didn't make them up.

    Now onto your answers... I"YH to that baby, I'm surprised you say girl though! I'm an oldest girl and my parents are very happy they had me first :-) but doesn't Jewish mentality always hope for an eldest son? (Unless you're a cohen or something so you have no shot at a pidyon haben anyway)

    I'm glad you were able to blog about your thyme experience. And that's interesting with the baking... by bread do you mean challah-? (and going with the theory that you're a cohen, I wonder if that means you don't have to do hafrasha lol)

    Have a good shabbos... should be fun if this catches on!

  2. No I am not a cohen, but I find it hard to hope for a pidyon haben since it’s something completely beyond my control. I don’t really know why I want a baby girl. Perhaps it’s because I think my nieces are generally cuter than my nephews? Also, I think having a girl, at least at the moment, would make a lot of people quite happy; more so than a boy.

    As I said earlier, I would write a whole post on every one of those items, so maybe if there is thyme, I’ll write all about it! :-P

    To the best of my knowledge, I think even Cohenim have to be mafrish challah because of tumah considerations nowadays, but I don’t know, I am not a Cohen.

    No, actually by bread, I mean a slew of breads. Last week’s bread activities included Kaiser rolls, rye bread, and a small batch of challah. I don’t know what this week’s bread roster will be yet, but I am tempted to try something sourdough based. If you curious what the real catalyst was that fueled my bread obsession, check this out: The NY Time’s No-Knead Bread and video. Basically, I came to the realization that with a little planning one can have absolutely delectable fresh bread at home quite easily and cheaply.

  3. I didn't even know you tagged me until I noticed the link in my stats! Oops.

  4. Not a problem. I figured you’d find it eventually. :-) I would have sent you an email directly like the rest of the list, but that wasn’t feasible. Still looking forward to reading your meme though…


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