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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Funny or Not?

I need some help settling a debate, so please write whether you think this is funny or not. Thanks.

MLT via CakeWrecks


  1. Yes, it's funny.
    Unless your wife thinks otherwise, that is... :)

  2. Dark humor, yes it is funny!

  3. 1. VERY funny. In a macabre way of course.

    2. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll.

  4. laughed out loud - literally.

  5. Leftylogic, actually my wife thought it was hilarious. ;-) She even told me that the cake is really a parody
    of the actual Mickey Mouse Club.

    Nonynony, Really? You should see "the baby cake." That is dark humor.

    Cymbaline, glad you enjoyed. Your welcome, it was my pleasure.

    colloquiallyspeaking, I know! :-D That cake made my day!

  6. It's cute and gross. A guy would find it laugh-out-loud. A girl would find it eyerolling at best.
    Cuz, let's face it: it's a play on words. Very good - puns are funny.
    Let's also face it: a cute and harmless cartoon character is murdered and served up cannibalistically. That is horrible.
    When you look at it, which strikes you more strongly? That's pretty much what you're asking.

  7. Bad4s, what are you talking about?! Oh, right. The comments went missing. I think that makes you in the minority. Besides it probably tastes delicious, so that makes it okay regardless. :-P


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