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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Meal Ideas. Anyone Hungry?

Recently, we decided to volunteer to cook a weekday-night supper for another family as part of one of those collaborative efforts things. This project didn’t exactly strike us as a difficult task. How hard can it be to buy the produce and effectively double our supper? However, the question that needs to be address is: what exactly should we make. So in an effort to tap the collective brainstorming environment called blog readers, I present to you following query. If you were to be making supper for someone else, what would you make them? Or better yet, if you were receiving supper for some else for some odd reason, what dish or items would you prefer?


  1. I feel bad that you received no comments so I'll give you some cooking tips, though since I am a cook in Northern California it may be lost on some people to cook simply and healthy.

    Get some veggies - bell peppers, eggplant, squash, zuchini, small red or yellow potatoes, whatever you really want - throw some salt pepper and oil on em and roast em - thyme, rosemary and tarragon work well too.

    Grab a chicken - stuff it's guts with half a lemon, half an orange or half a lime and some thyme stems - use the leaves for the roast veggies - rub your chicken down with oil, salt and pepper and you have a nice meal.

    How about some soup, saute some maripoux (carrots, onion and celery) then add whatever veggies you like and keep sauteing - then throw in some water, spices (parsley, fennel tops, even the tops of celery work well too) Don't forget some bay leaves and peppercorns and you have soup.

  2. Heshy, thanks a ton. Those ideas sound excellent and healthy too! Thanks! :-)

  3. When we had our child people were kind enough to send over supper. We have b'h had the opportunity to return the favor. When deciding, simply ask what would I want or what would I not want (within reason of course). The people who boiled up macaroni, threw a little cheese and soused the dish with ketchup were not as appreciated as the people who made a salad and chicken with rice. If you put no effort and give something you would not want yourself . . .

    In any case, we always accompany our stuff with a nice salad.

  4. Whenever i made a meal for someone, I typically make salad, meat balls and some carb (rice or spaghetti). but I dont put the spaghetti with the meat balls in case other small children dont want the meatballs.

  5. Anon99, thanks for the idea. A salad sounds like a safe bet. We were debating between milchigs and fleishigs, but we settled on chicken. I like the idea of adding lots of greens either way. That way, even in the odd event that one doesn’t like the dish being served, they can eat the salad and or side dish.

    Anonymous, thanks for the tip. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. Thanks.

  6. Chicken is usually safe. You can throw on some simple spice and come up with something good.

    Grilled or stir-fried veggies are another easy winner.

    Rice is more complicated. People have their preferences. Some like it sticky, some like it separated. Some like brown, some white, and of course there's also wild and basmati.

    I would recommend going with something like orzo instead. I'm pretty sure nobody minds orzo - or some other pasta-type starch side.


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