Solely In Black and White: Oh Shadchan, Please help!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh Shadchan, Please help!

Recently, my wife, TAW, needed some help. Well more specifically, she needed some pertinent info that was hard to come by. After some brainstorming and random sampling, we decided, who better to call than a shadchan, right? These pros stake their reputation on their ability to ascertain, discern, and relate information.  Besides, we all ready had established a rapport after being in shidduchim for a while so why not give it a try.... 

Being that the subject matter was rather timely, I asked my wife to make the call without delay, which she diligently proceeded to do right then and there. As an aside, you kind of forget how hard it is to reach certain shadchanim once you’re out of shidduchim; full voicemail boxes, "busy" hours, unreachable cellphones, getting put on hold every few minutes, and of course the nearly constant “click” of call waiting. But this was important, so my wife persevered in her attempts to contact said shadchan. As we where about to give up and resume our brainstorming efforts and proceed in another direction entirely, my wife suddenly reached the shadchan. 

I can’t say this is exactly how it happened since I wasn't within earshot for the entire conversation, but it went something like this:

Of course the first question asked was, “why are you calling me, aren’t you already married?” but that was merely in jest and followed by “how are you and what can I do for you?” My wife responded “b"h very good, thank you. Well you see, I’m looking to make a shidduch.” “Oh really, that’s very nice; what exactly are you looking for?” “Well, we’re looking for one that is all-around great, rich, heart of gold, easy-going, presentable, real, pleasant, and has some personality, you know, more salty than sweet.” 

After some thought and deliberation the shadchan replied “Hmm… that’s quite a long list of requirements, but I think I know exactly what you’re looking for!”  The shadchan then proceeded to enumerate all the requisite and necessary info, to which my wife neatly and meticulously jotted it all down on to a piece of paper, occasionally pausing to ask questions and clarify some points here and there. Elated, my wife thanked the talented, kind, and inordinately busy lady for her time and help and then wished her a longwinded goodbye and goodnight. 

Basically, to make a short story long, the shidduch idea worked out fabulously. I mean there were some hitches along the way, as is customary with these things, but overall it all turned out okay. In conclusion, that my friends is how we b”h have some really good potato kugel, all thanks to a wonderful shadchan! What, you thought shadchanim only make matches with actual people and dates?!  


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