Solely In Black and White: Another Night, Another Wedding, and Another Post…

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Night, Another Wedding, and Another Post…


I think the post titles say it all, but basically a few more random thoughts on weddings. And by random I mean really random.

1) I understand that girl might happen to daven for shidduchim at a young age. I mean I everyone technically should be. My mother tells me at three I asked her to daven for my shidduchim, although I think that might be a joke. Anyway, at last night’s wedding I saw some girls as young as 7 davening for a shidduch by a chuppah. Wow, they really start them young. Whatever happened to letting kids be kids? 

2) First dance intros that don’t include Bakers Street are just not the same. After some serious research and analysis, no other bizarre classic or contemporary rock song compares to the pumped-up emotions created by that song. I personally don’t think it is because Baker’s Street is a great song. I think it has to do with the fact that most decent bands have learned how to play it well (or decently) and also because it’s so cliqued that people associate it with Chossan and Kallahs getting married. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for non-conformity and originality. Nonetheless, if you do choose a song that meets your liking don’t forget to end off with Bakers Street, it’s just not the same. Thanks. Oh, and one more thing, using “Bad Romance” as an intro is just wrong! 

3) You’re never too old to be embarrassed by your parents. And here I thought once you get married the likelihood of that happening diminishes rapidly. I also thought that as a well-rounded adult I am perfectly capable of embarrassing myself, thank you very much. Well, I guess I was wrong. Oh well, live and learn; thanks parentals. :-P

4) White pleather chairs at a wedding hall is a very bad and short-sighted idea. That is unless the hall really wanted grey or black spotted chair and white just happened to be cheaper at the time. In that case, well played then. ;-) 


  1. Your right, essentially I don’t really know. I just assumed so because she was with a whole group of girls who were davening from those handout prayer cards. I didn’t think she’d be davening for kids or a parnasa, I mean she didn’t seem to be the entrepreneurial type. :-)

  2. The teffilot of children is super powerful. Maybe she was davening for her older sister or brother?

  3. That's what I would have assumed. But, while it's nice, I think it is indicative of the general feeling of despair that our community has regarding shidduchim.


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