Solely In Black and White: What if People had Numbers?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What if People had Numbers?

What if people really did have numbers? While it may be true that we inherently do have an artificial number based on our circumstances, intelligence, capabilities, creditworthiness, religiousness, and looks, what would happen if we lived in a world where we were classified openly by a ranking system? Perhaps it would solve the shidduch crisis, or perhaps it would actually create it… Check out this snippet of a Discovery Channel documentary (courtesy of TAW):


  1. This scared me just a little bit... And made me a little sad... Cuz it's easy to think how many situtations we can relate where we were treated "as a number".
    And I dont think it would help the shidduch crisis. Cuz you could throw in the while nature vs. nurture argument... Like, you could change your number...
    Interesting video though.. Yarn people-- cool

  2. I have heard (still) single people offer a similar solution (or in my mind exacerbation) of the shidduch system. Where everyone would be rated on a series of desirability traits and given a rank/number. What would happen next is that people should only date within a few 'ranks' of their own number. So for instance a 68 should only people in between let's just say those ranked 64-72.

    I think to an extent a lot of people do rank themselves and potential spouses, but an open ranking system will make things worse, aside for it being completely unsavory and disgusting.

  3. One may be a 0 to some but a 10 to others. Numerical value is not a socially static given.

    Although, in the depressing yarn film - why is having a two-headed baby a good thing?

  4. The depressing yarn film sounded an awful lot like the Indian caste system to me.

    Also in the depressing yarn film, his zeroness was externally imposed. A real zero is someone who is a complete loser at life, including, among other things, inability to draw or attract a mate. (And other stuff, I hope. Just to exclude me from the world's zeros.) An example that would spring to mind is the depressing blogging guy I linked to a while ago. While I'm sure he must have something to offer, even he doesn't seem sure what that would be.


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