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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weight for it…. Dairy? ;-)

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Kids :-P, one of the (few) perks of either eating out shabbos or having guests in, is the ability to discuss randomness in earnest. While most of these conversations are not noteworthy, let alone blog-worthy, occasionally you’ll get one that is just bizarre enough to post. So today’s shabbos related conversation piece pertains to weight. The two questions are: what is the best way to lose weight and interestingly enough, what is the best way to gain weight? 


  1. Considering how I'm having a series on how I lost weight (5 pounds plus 5 pounds plus 5 pounds plus 5 pounds), I shan't give any spoilers. Just stay tuned.

    The best way to gain weight is to tell yourself "I'll work it off tomorrow at the gym."

  2. Interesting. No worries, I can be quite patient. ;-) Basically the table discussion centered on the diet vs. exercise debate, but I'm going to take a guess that from your second answer (and previous post about this topic) that your strategy is a combination of the two, but I guess we shall see.

    I personally argued for an ice cream, chocolate, and cookies diet, but I can see why that might be debatable. Someone argued for a complex carbohydrate diet, but lack of exercise is definitively a good point.

  3. I actually think it's all about food, not exercise. Maybe that's because I can't stand to shvitz.

  4. While exercise helps with a bunch of things like burning more calories in a day and jump-starting a person's metabolism so that it's burning more regularly, without monitoring food intake, people are generally more likely to simply eat more.

    Diets range, but a few really helpful tips for losing weight I've heard include:

    1) Eat progressively less carbs throughout the day. Breakfast should have the most, since it fuels the day's activities (by and large), but lunch should have less and dinner should have very little (if any).

    2) Stop ingesting calories 3-5 hours before sleep. They won't be used, and guess what the body does with them while you sleep...

    3) Protein is king. While carbs and fat are essential, protein can be converted to energy just like carbs, but requires the body to expend more energy in doing so. It also helps with feeling full. Don't cut out fat/carbs, but focus on protein.

    4) If a person eats about an apple extra a day (an apple's worth of calories that they don't expent) they'll gain about a pound every month, indefinitely. (Of course how much energy we use may vary by day, so that's kind of important to take into account.)

    5) Sugars of all kinds digest too quickly, leaving insulin in the blood and actually increasing hunger. Processed sugars (as opposed to fruit sugars) are much worse in this regard because they enter the bloodstream even quicker and are converted to energy even faster than other sugars.

    I'm sure some of these ideas can be used to flip the script and gain weight. But there's a difference between just packing on pounds and being healthy while gaining weight.

  5. Princess Lea, I completely agree, well not on the shvitzing part, I’m a guy so that doesn’t bother me, but I completely agree with the idea that it’s about food and not exercise. I believe that there is scientific research that concluded the same thing.

    Ish Yehudi:

    1)I think one needs to eat for their schedule and body. Personally I find the opposite works for me, smaller (carb) breakfast etc. I think this may be because I am a night-owl and need more energy later in day (and night), but that is a guess.

    2)That’s not necessarily true. Your body consumes energy when sleeping, granted, its less than when you're awake (I think it’s something like 80 calories an hour), but your body is still working while you're asleep. I suspect it's more about controlling your overall caloric intake over the course of your waking hours as opposed to timing.

    3)Not necessarily, many protein sources contain high concentrations of fats which make their nutritional value questionable. However, I agree that one should not discount protein sources as a whole.

    4)In many ways I agree. Furthermore, I think many fruits contain large quantities of sugar, which can hinder a diet when consumed in large quantities.

    5)Agreed. That’s why I think ice cream is an effective weight gain tool. Lots of processed sugar and fat. And it tastes good to, which I am sure helps. ;-)


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