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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Apps for the Soul

Did you ever consider gravity of a lie? The power it contains? I recall once watching a movie titled, “The Invention of Lying.” The premise being, what would the world be like if we weren’t able to lie? I suspect that shidduichim would be more of an umm... straight forward... ordeal. Granted, the movie does take it take a step forward by insinuating that people must verbalize everything that is on their mind, but that isn’t a drastic leap once you consider that that you aren’t able to lie. Also, I find the premise a bit more promising than; say an individualist approach to truth telling, such as Liar Liar. Regardless, aside from shidduchim, I would venture to say that people have this fictitious belief that other people care about what they have to say, bloggers most definitely included! ;-) :-P Luckily for us in the digital world, there is an app to solve this growing problem called Appathy and GetaGrip. Maybe one day someone will make an app for the real world... real life apathy! :-)  

Appathy the App: because sometimes the truth hurts...

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  1. with facebook and twitter people already do a very good job at mouthing whats on their mind.


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