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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pronunciation Please?

Quite often, a person will come across a word they don't know how to pronounce. Or perhaps a situation will arise where one needs a definitive answer as to what the correct pronunciation of a specific word is, such as "just for arguments sake..." :-P While back in the old days going to Merriam Webster's website would suffice, nowadays we need a YouTube channel, specifically Pronunciation Book, that provides the same functionality. Here is a typical, if not arguable, example:

However, not to be left behind, some viral media fan-boys launched a channel named PronunciationManual,just to mess with the general public or the Pronunciation Book folks. Or perhaps their modus operandi is to confuse helpless foreigners who really want to learn correct verbal annunciation. Regardless of their motives, being mean never sounded so funny. ;-) Here is a clip:

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