Solely In Black and White: Vomit and Medical Secrets

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vomit and Medical Secrets

I feel sick. I think I must have a stomach virus or food poisoning. I suspect the origin of this aliment is most probably a food borne pathogen, although I cannot pinpoint the exact source. For the record I am somewhat better now, I suspect the fever broke and the nausea has subsided partially but my stomach is still feeling kind of funny and my head still aches. And no, by funny I don't mean like a clown. :-( While I can regale you with detailed tales of retching and what not, I’ll share with you a less vile snippet. Last night, while lying nauseously on the couch massaging my burning fever-ridden throbbing head, I called my mother for words of comfort. Although she was quite sympathetic and nurturing (and tried to send a kisses over the phone, which incidentally made me queasier) she did make a very interesting remark. “Now you know what I felt like when I was pregnant with you!” Great, lay on the guilt why don’t you! :-/

Anyways, I would prefer to end this post on a different thought. Ending a post with the topic of vomit just leaves a bad taste in my mouth… ;-) Incidentally, I waited 8 hours before telling my wife I was sick. I figured, why worry her for no reason? Conceivably, there was nothing she could have done at the time to make me feel better. However, upon telling her she disagreed entirely, saying that she would have preferred to know right away, just for the sake of knowing. So while there is arguably no right or wrong in this specific case, I suspect this is a common gender issue. Men are too prideful to admit what’s wrong and show weakness and women always want to know what’s doing with those they care about. However, the topic did give me pause. Additionally, I think there is some general truth to this idea. We as humans sometime hide things from and for those we care about, especially medically related issues, until it’s absolutely necessary to divulge such information… I guess knowledge can sometime be a blessing and sometimes it can be a curse…


  1. Ha! Not my family dynamic at all. My father is a hypochondriac, and whenever he claims illness (which is usually at every imagine twinge) no one believes him. Whereas my mother pushes herself through every sickness to the point of collapse, telling no one.

  2. Interesting… Neither my wife nor I are either of those two types. I am not as extreme as your mother and my wife is not by any means a hypochondriac. I see where you’re going with this though; your father would be a valid counterexample to my argument. However, I suspect being a hypochondriac might be an exception to the rule. Do your sibling follow the same patterns as your parents as well?


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