Solely In Black and White: Coffee!

Friday, September 23, 2011


For all you coffee addicts out there... Have a wonderful coffee filled day! :-D


  1. i just made my first starbucks anniversary blend of coffee...and it was amazing!

  2. I seem to gravitate towards Starbucks' Pike's Place Roast. But in that case, as per your comment, I'll have to look into this anniversary blend stuff, sounds good.

  3. it was good...i like my coffee strong! the pikes place doesnt usually cut it

  4. im one of the vary rare, I cannot stand the taste nor the smell of coffee...

  5. aminspiration, I am more of a mild to medium roast fan, although I'll drink bold varieties on occasion.

    Yedid Nefesh, now that is strange. How do you get up in the morning?! Granted, coffee is an acquired taste so there is hope for you.

    If your looking for coffee advice I would say start with some mild flavored coffee or something along the lines of a mocha latte. Subtle coffee flavors enhance chocolate flavors; they also compliment each other quite well. Chocolate glazed doughnut flavored coffee is also quite delicious. Alternatively, you could remain blissfully un-addicted... :-P

  6. I dont always have my coffee in the morning. I use it more as an afternoon pick me up...I can go all day without it and have on numerous occasion. I simply enjoy it.


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