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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just Five More Minutes…

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Well it is about time, sorta. :-P Is it just me, or do women have their own definition of time? I suppose that when a male says I’ll be ready in about five minutes, generally that timeline holds true to be about five minutes. However, when a female say the same thing, they are essentially reserving the right to be ready in anywhere from five to twenty minutes. Perhaps we can reconcile this difference by explaining that females run on the metric system while males run on the imperial system. In other words, arguably, there is not right or wrong, yet a proper conversion needs to be done in order to account for the difference. While one system may actually be superior to the other, the fact remains that both systems are currently in place and one needs not change the system but understand it. Besides, it’s really more about what system you are more comfortable with. Coincidentally, I wonder how people cook and bake in metric (specifically Celsius, might as well set the oven based on degrees Kelvin while you’re at it) but that is an aside. :-/

Initially, I was taught about this “miscommunication” by my father who tried to always tell my mother to be ready at a specific time, which unbeknownst to her was 15 minutes before he really wanted to leave. I believe this to be a brilliant idea that has seen much success over the years. Likewise, other philosophers and theologians have their differing and consenting opinions on how to rectify this situation, regardless, it is keen to understand that the conditional element exist. Furthermore, in the study of male and female interaction, it would be fortuitous to note that this the primary explanation why males are instructed to not show up to a date exactly on time, mainly to grant the females a few extra minutes to ready themselves.  

Interestingly, I actually did not come up with this as a post topic on my own. Most of the time I’m actually not waiting for my wife and on occasion, such as by last week’s kiddish, she was waiting for me! :-o I guess like everything else in marriage, you kind of figure out what works for you.  However, the inspiration for this post was a conversation that my wife had with her friend that implicated that all women understand this implicit time system and basically most women abide by it; yet, men are dumbfounded by it. Correct me if I am wrong, I believe such a proposition to be fascinating. In that case, perhaps I need a new wristwatch… ;-)  


  1. I am early. Meaning despite the fact that I have a face to apply and stockings to wrestle into, I end up waiting. All the time. I spend 1/3 of my life sleeping (that's what statistics say) and 1/3 of my life waiting.

  2. Seriously, how slow are the men in your house? :-P It's really quick and simple for a man to get ready. A pair of pants is rather quick to put on and a button down shirt only has so many buttons. Also, men don't have a full face of makeup to apply and wig to adjust, which really helps. It's a shame there isn't an official sport: competitive speed dressing...

  3. The men in my family are lucky, that's all I can say. :D One thing I cackle about is that the man I marry won't be able to kvetch about me to his buddies by weddings.

  4. "Initially, I was taught about this “miscommunication” by my father who tried to always tell my mother to be ready at a specific time, which unbeknownst to her was 15 minutes before he really wanted to leave."

    A Halachic analysis of this stratagem:

  5. Yitzhak, thanks for the link and the very informative post.


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