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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quick Question of the Week: Spoiled Food?


While we were (b”h) very lucky in having power throughout the hurricane this past week, some people were not as lucky. Ironically, when viewing our energy provider’s website our power flickered for long enough to shutoff the computer, which was quite bizarre. Anyway, while most of our perishables (which incidentally consisted of not all that much) were safe in our working fridge and freezer, I forgot that I had placed a stash of chicken soup, challah, and kugels in someone else’s house that didn’t have power. In retrospect, I should have moved all the items to our fridge and freezer at that point. Whoops. To add a complication to the matter, we do not know how long the freezer was without power or how many times it had been opened. All we know is that the power was off for at least 48 hours but not more than 72 hours, and the contents were then frozen immediately after the power was restored. So, being that we are not food safety experts, perhaps someone can help us out. Is this stuff still safe to eat?  


  1. no, i lost power of 55 hours and although the stuff in the freezer was still cold, i threw everything out. Its not safe and definitely not worth it

  2. Challah should be fine. You can just check if there is any mold on it. The chicken soup and kugel I'm pretty sure they are bad. But there is an easier way to just find out...try it? one bite won't kill anyone lol

  3. The challah may be fine, possibly a bit hard. The kugel and soup on the other hand, lets just say that in the business i would not be allowed to nor would i risk selling / serving that. The official health department rules call for food of that nature to never reach a temp of higher than 41 degrees (unless its being reheated). Food that stays at temps between 41 and 135 breed bacteria.

  4. Update: we threw out 11 kugels and 6 quarts of soup. The saddest part was that the soup smelled so good as it was being washed down the drain. Oh well...


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