Solely In Black and White: Woof! Target puts Black Friday to Shame

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Woof! Target puts Black Friday to Shame

In case you haven't heard about it, starting today one can find Missoni at Target. At first I thought people were joking, but after visiting a local Target store the rumors appear to be true. Nationwide people are ransacking Target stores in the hope of finding fashionably good deals. As a male this isn't all that exciting as most of the Missoni stuff is comprised of female attire. However, there are some interesting houseware and art items that are being offered as well, if you're lucky enough to find them. If you haven't made to Target yet or if you went and were unlucky or you just didn't find what you were looking for, fear not, for management claims they'll be receiving another shipment hopefully tonight. Furthermore, I don't know if the insanity is entirely logical (nationwide sellouts and a downed Target website?) as Target will be stocking Missoni until October 22 or until they run out of stock... Besides, doesn't the fact that Target is selling the same stock nationwide reduce the cool and exclusivity factors of Missoni? Regardless, I believe this event seriously puts Black Friday to shame! 


  1. They had a pop-up store right near my office last week, and people were lining up hours before it opened! There was also a giant puppet ( in Bryant Park pre-launch. Kinda creepy.

  2. While Missoni is certainly interesting and timeless, I'm not a fan of loud patterned clothing, which tends to . . . visually enlarge the frame.

    The Target website crashed, I hear.

  3. iTripped, if so, were you able to get anything?

    Princess Lea, true but they were selling other items of interest, such as towels, bedding, decorative pillows, throws, art, and stuff like that. Hey, I think they even had a pair of flats! (or so I am told) I was also recently informed that they had some interesting men's ties and scarfs. Oh well, I suppose. Probably for the best...

    That being said, I do wonder if people bought stuff just for reselling purposes. Also, I don't know if the website crashed for real, but there was some sort of queuing system put in place.

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